The average cost to repair
a gutter is £30 per metre
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How much does gutter repair cost?

The gutter repair costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Damaged gutters can lead to big issues down the line - persistent leaks can funnel water onto your home’s brickwork, which is a common cause for penetrating damp. Gutter damage is especially common after bad weather. High winds and storms can cause gutters to come loose and leak when it rains.

If you’re concerned about your home’s gutters, you can hire a guttering specialist to inspect yours and carry out any repairs. We’ve prepared this guide to gutter repair costs so you know what to expect.


Gutter repair costs

Being exposed to the elements can lead to your guttering having lots of different problems, whether its cracking or warping, coming loose from the brackets that holds it in place, or failing at a joint or stop end.

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Gutter repair prices will all depend on what exactly has gone wrong. Individual gutter components such as stop ends (the half-circle shaped pieces that seal the end of a gutter) are cheap, as little as £1, but the cost comes in the labour required to fix them. A gutter specialist may charge around £150 for their day rate, but fixing a uPVC stop end is a simple job that can be done in less than 30 minutes. Altogether, carrying out a quick repair job like that might cost around £60 for a specialist to do. The price will be similar for a bracket repair. If there are multiple brackets that need to be sorted, then this will add to the size of the job, and you will pay accordingly.


If you are dealing with cast iron gutters rather than uPVC, then these prices can increase, though this is more important when replacing guttering.

Bear in mind, that if the damage is to your home’s soffits - for example, if the wood is rotting causing the brackets to come loose - then you will need to replace your soffits as well as the guttering. There is no use attaching new guttering to rotten wood. See our guide to soffit and fascia pricing for more information.

Downpipe repair costs are priced similarly to gutter repairs.


Gutter replacement costs

When a gutter has warped or cracked or can no longer be kept clean of debris, then it might be necessary to replace it. When replacing guttering, the price can be estimated based on the length that needs to be replaced. Basic uPVC guttering generally begins at around £30 per metre. Cast iron guttering will be more like £60 to £70 per metre. Downpipe replacement costs are similar.

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