quality standard

The MyBuilder Quality Standard

All tradespeople that sign up with MyBuilder must adhere to our quality standards, and must be registered with KvK.

MyBuilder House Rules

The MyBuilder community of tradespeople takes pride in their work and in their relationships with our customers. We require all tradespeople to agree to our House Rules to demonstrate their commitment to service and quality.

Always treat customers with respect.

MyBuilder tradespeople must conduct themselves professionally, both online and in person. You must clean up the site after the job is complete. We value mutual respect and so remind both tradespeople and clients to communicate with each other respectfully. We absolutely do not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse.

Always keep to the agreements and appointments you make with customers.

Make sure:

  • You show up to your appointments on time
  • Your quote matches what you agreed with the customer
  • You complete the work to the agreed schedule and to the best of your ability

We understand that things happen, and sometimes appointments need to change. In these cases, we ask that you get in contact with the customer ahead of time to reschedule.

Clearly communicate costs and timings.

Your customers want clarity and certainty. They trust you as an expert. Be sure to clearly and quickly communicate any changes to the schedule of works and any additional costs.

Communicate clearly and professionally

When clients invest in their home, they expect a professional quote. All quotes must be written in plain English. Offers should be clear, understandable, realistic and include VAT along with the payment method. Don't message the fee you've paid to MyBuilder when creating the quote.

Deliver outstanding work and be proactive.

The most important thing is carrying out quality work. Only take on leads you can complete, and never cancel jobs you have already started. Keep communicating with the customer and inform them of any problems. By doing this, you'll avoid possible complaints. Remember, you can always contact us for advice on how to resolve issues with customers.

Accepting our Quality Standards

By signing up as a tradesperson and using our service, you accept and agree to these quality requirements. In the event of complaints, we will conduct an investigation that could result in the deletion of your MyBuilder account. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@mybuilder.com.

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