How MyBuilder works

Posting a job on MyBuilder is simple and free. Just tell us what you need, and our clever match-making process will help you choose the right person for your job with confidence.

Post a job

Post your job in a few simple steps. Once your job is on MyBuilder, we'll let you know which tradespeople are interested.

Add pictures to your job post for accurate quotes.

See who's interested

After you post a job, our matching system identifies and alerts relevant tradespeople, who can then express interest in your job.

Shortlist tradespeople

Choose from local tradespeople interested in your job. Contact details are shared only when you say so.

Getting the job done

Once you've agreed on terms, pricing and timings, your tradesperson will get to work.

Review your experience

After your job is complete, you can give leave a review based on your experience. Our review system ensures that tradespeople are rewarded for good work and held accountable for any problems.