About MyBuilder

How MyBuilder works

It's difficult finding a tradesman you can trust.
MyBuilder's clever match-making process means you can choose the right person for your project with confidence.

Post a job

1Post a job today

It’s simple and free. Once your job is on MyBuilder, you’ll get interest from tradesmen through the website.

2Find a tradesman

Choose from local tradespeople interested in your job. Contact details are shared only when you say so.

3Leave feedback

Feedback rewards tradesmen for good work and holds them accountable for any problems.

Carefully selected tradesmen

We’re picky at MyBuilder and turn down over a third of tradesmen who apply to join. We evaluate each one to assess whether they meet our high standards, because our reputation is only as good as our tradesmen.

We carefully evaluate all tradesmen before we let them on the site.

Sophisticated matching

After you post a job, our matching system identifies and alerts relevant tradesmen, who can then express interest in your job. You can review interested tradesmen by reading their profiles, work history and feedback. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.

We help you find suitable tradesmen, while keeping you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Protection for your job

Once you’ve accepted a quote and hired a tradesperson, you can choose to insure your job with MyBuilder Plus - comprehensive cover that takes away the stress and financial risk if the unexpected happens.

Accountability through feedback

Once a job is in progress, a bit of accountability goes a long way. MyBuilder’s feedback system ensures that tradesmen are rewarded for good work and held accountable for any problems. Our tradesmen relish the opportunity to build an outstanding reputation on MyBuilder, and your feedback makes that possible.

Feedback left on MyBuilder comes directly from homeowners who have used the service.