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This guttering, soffits and fascias replacement cost guide explores the average totals, per-meter prices and labour rates you’ll pay for this type of work. On average, a complete gutter, fascia and soffit replacement costs around £3,000. Discover the data you need to budget effectively, confirm how long your job will take and get answers to your frequently asked questions about gutters and boarding. All cost data is accurate as of 2024.

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If you’re preparing to invest in new guttering, soffits and fascias, cost will undoubtedly be an important factor in your decision making. When you know what you can expect to pay, you can confidently connect with a local fascia and soffit specialist to get the ball rolling on your planned project.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:
  1. Average gutter, fascia and soffit replacement costs
  2. Factors impacting gutter, fascia and soffit replacement cost
  3. Common gutter, fascia and soffit replacement jobs
  4. How long does gutter, fascia and soffit replacement take?
  5. How to reduce gutter, fascia and soffit replacement costs
  6. FAQ
  7. Your gutters, fascias and soffits replacement checklist

Average gutter, fascia and soffit replacement costs

Fascias and soffits are essential elements of roof boarding. They protect your rafters from damage, protect your home from condensation and bear the weight of your guttering. Meanwhile, your guttering directs water away from your property to prevent many possible issues. All in all, there’s a lot of incentive to ensure these three elements work effectively together.

Unfortunately, ensuring that effectiveness can come at a price. The average cost to replace gutters, soffits and fascias across the entire exterior of your home is about £3,000, but the actual cost will depend on factors like the style of your guttering and boarding and the size of your home.

Even if you have damage limited to one area, your guttering, soffits and fascias repair cost will likely be assessed in the same way as a total replacement, on a per-metre basis. The table below outlines average costs per linear metre or square metre for different tasks likely to be undertaken by your chosen fascias, soffits and guttering specialist.

 Guttering and boardingAverage cost
Replacing fascia and soffit boards£135 per linear metre
Replacing guttering£42.50 per linear metre
Replacing bargeboards£195 per linear metre
Hiring scaffolding to access your roofing£30 per square metre for scaffolding hire

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Factors impacting gutter, fascia and soffit replacement cost

Using the table above, you should be able to start your cost calculations based on the area you need to replace and the expected cost for that task. Note that the figure you end up with is very much an estimate, and the best way to confirm its accuracy and get a true sense of price is to speak directly with a tradesperson who understands your project specifics. Cost-impacting factors for gutter, fascia and soffit replacement include:

Where you’re based in the UK/your specialist’s labour rates: For example, the average hourly rate for a roofer is £29, but hiring a roofer near London is usually closer to £37 per hour.

The accessibility of your roof and whether your specialist will need scaffolding: For example, if your job is likely to require the hire of five square metres of scaffolding, you’ll need to add £150 to your budget.

The material your fascias, soffits, gutters, bargeboards (both existing and new): For example, uPVC guttering costs around £30 per metre to replace, whilst metal guttering replacement costs tend to start at £60 per metre.


Common gutter, fascia and soffit replacement jobs

Cost to replace fascia and soffit boards

If you need a new fascia board, the replacement cost per linear metre is usually from £80 to £100. Replacing soffit boards is slightly more involved due to positioning and will usually cost somewhere from £100 to £120 per linear metre. See the table below to explore how this prices out for differently sized homes and guttering systems.

Type of propertyGutter LengthFascia replacement costSoffit replacement cost
Flat18 m£1,620 £1,980
Terraced25 m£2,250£2,750
Bungalow30 m£2,700£3,300
Semi-detached38 m£3,420£4,180
Detached48 m£4,320£5,280

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Fascia boards tend to wear out faster than soffit boards since they’re directly exposed to the elements, but it’s usually cheaper, in the long run, to replace both at once while you’re paying for work in that area.

The same applies to bargeboards, which are around £195 per linear metre separately. Guttering can also easily be replaced during this process for a relatively low additional fee.

Cost of boarding material

As briefly mentioned, the material your fascias and soffits are made of can affect the repair and replacement cost. The average costs for each of the most common materials are as follows:

  • uPVC: £10 per linear metre
  • Steel: £15 per linear metre
  • Aluminium: £45 per linear metre
  • Wood: £150 per linear metre

Cost to replace guttering

If your fascias and soffits appear to be in satisfactory condition, but you have some worries about your guttering, connect with a guttering installer on MyBuilder to get your system either partially or totally replaced for an average cost of £42.50 per linear metre.

Material costs for a complete gutter replacement project are around £200, with an additional £150 for waste disposal. If replacing the guttering took, say, three hours, your installer would charge approximately £477.50.

Cost to cover old fascias and soffits

If you currently have wooden fascias and soffits, and you’re hoping to increase their lifespan without investing in a total replacement, you may want to look into covering or ‘capping’ them with uPVC for around £5 to £10 per linear metre. Capping the boarding on a two-bedroom terraced house would cost about £770, including labour and materials, with that price rising to £1,500 for a four-bed detached house.

Cost to repaint existing fascias and soffits

If your concerns about your fascias and soffits are based on how they look rather than their functionality or condition, you could pay to have your existing boarding repainted rather than replaced. This would be cheaper, but that’s not to say it would be cheap. You’ll pay around £880 for the job, plus the additional potential cost of scaffolding hire at £30 per square metre.

How long does gutter, fascia and soffit replacement take?

Once you’ve set your budget and determined whether you can pay to replace your gutters and boards, you’ll likely be curious about how long the replacement process will take from start to finish. All told, your specialist will usually get it done within two or three days. This table breaks down the usual timeframes by task.

Guttering and boarding taskUsual timeframe
Replacing fascia and soffit boardsOne to two days
Replacing gutteringOne to five hours
Replacing bargeboardsOne to two days
Erecting scaffolding to access your roofingTwo hours to two days
Capping fascias and soffits with uPVCHalf a day to two days
Repainting existing fascias and soffitsTwo to four days

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How to reduce gutter, fascia and soffit replacement costs

As with any home project, you may want to minimise costs wherever possible for your gutter, fascia and soffit replacement job. We’d recommend the following:

Speak with a specialist to assess your choices at different price points: An expert should be able to explain your options to you based on the current condition of your gutters, fascias and soffits, suggesting things like repainting and capping if the damage isn’t too severe.

Consider your materials carefully: If you currently have wooden boarding, a wood-to-wood swap could be much more expensive than a wood-to-uPVC swap. Explore your options and factor in the differing price points of materials.

Compare quotes before choosing a contractor: Don’t accept the first quote you receive from a fascia and soffit specialist, roofer or guttering installer. Shop around, comparing prices on like-for-like terms, to find the best available option in your area.


Should I replace my gutter, soffit and fascia myself?

It’s possible to replace your gutters, soffits and fascias without a professional’s help, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a lot of experience in this area and are very comfortable working at roof height. Mistakes can be costly or dangerous in this line of work.

Do I need to replace my gutters, fascias and soffits?

A specialist should be able to assess the condition of all three to help you answer this question. Tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement include cracks, broken sections, leaks, peeling paint/finish, signs of rotting and general poor condition.

What’s the difference between a guttering installer and a fascia and soffit specialist?

All fascia and soffit specialists are qualified to install guttering, but a guttering installer may not be qualified to work with the fascias and soffits that underpin guttering. Ask a tradesperson directly if you have questions about their specific experience and skill set.

Your gutters, fascias and soffits replacement checklist

To prepare for your guttering and boarding replacement project, we’d recommend following this checklist from start to finish:

  • Use MyBuilder to find available specialists in your area: This is one of the easiest, quickest ways to receive interest from appropriately skilled professionals local to you. Over 90% of MyBuilder job posts generate interest.
  • Narrow down your options: When you’ve found a few interested specialists, narrow it down between them by comparing prices, customer reviews, qualifications and types of experience. Try to find someone who suits your particular project.
  • Ask questions every step of the way: Ask as many questions as needed before bringing your gutter, fascia and soffit specialist on board, then keep asking questions throughout. Good communication is a must to set realistic expectations of cost and timeframe.
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