How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

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Hiring a professional roofer comes at a price but, given the immense structural importance of most roof repairs, it’s one worth paying. With the average roof repair cost ranging from £100 for a small leak to £5,500 for a total replacement, understanding the expense you’ll face is essential. All prices and estimates in this cost guide are accurate as of 2024.

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Before you use MyBuilder’s platform to efficiently connect with reliable local roofers and get your project underway, it’s vital that you have an idea of how much a roof repair could cost you. Initial research will help you avoid any surprises and ensure you get a fair price, especially if you can base your budgeting process on current labour and material costs.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average roof repair costs
  2. Roof repair cost per job type
  3. How long does a roof repair take?
  4. How to reduce your roof repair costs
  5. FAQ
  6. Your roof repair checklist

Average roof repair costs

A solid, well-built roof over your property is crucially important. Roofing is one of your home’s most robust barriers against the elements and the outside world, protecting you from rain, snow, wind and sun while keeping you safe and secure. 

With this in mind, it’s essential that if any issues arise with your roof, you get them fixed as soon as possible, and you assign that repair work to a qualified, experienced and competent professional. The table below explores the current average roof repair costs for numerous jobs and projects, from building a new roof to repairing a roof valley.

Roof repair jobAverage price/price range
Repairing a leaking or sagging roof £200 to £20,000, dependent on the cause and required action 
Repairing roof lining £22 to £50 per m2, including labour
Repairing a roof valley£75 to £600 
Repairing flashing/leadwork£250 per metre
Repairing a chimney£200 to £400
Repairing guttering£90 to £300
Replacing the entire roof£5,500 
Replacing roof tiles £170 to £500
Replacing fascias and soffitsAround £350

Please be aware that these figures are only averages, and your exact quote from a roofer for any of the above could change significantly depending on the type of home you own, where in the UK you live and the tradesperson you choose to hire to get the job done.

If you’d like to build your budget based on, for instance, the size of the area that needs to be repaired, look out for a pitched or flat roof repair cost calculator online and input your details to better tailor the available cost data. If your job is slightly more niche and complex, less dictated by area, then a roof repair cost calculator may not help. But it could be a helpful starting point, along with this guide. 

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Roof repair cost per job type

How much does a roof repair cost?

Generally speaking, you’re looking at prices from £100 to £1,000 for repair work and from £3,000 to £18,000 for a roof replacement. As we have already begun to explore in this guide, the cost of a roof repair depends on numerous factors, including your location, roofer and project specifics. Ask yourself questions like these to work up a price estimate:

  • How long will this take or how much labour will I be paying for? 
  • What material costs will I need to cover?
  • What additional expenses will apply, e.g., scaffolding or disposal of old roof/roofing materials?
  • What complications might arise that would add to the cost of this repair?
      Some roofing projects are as simple as replacing a few damaged tiles and clearing moss. Others involve severe water damage and may require a whole new roof. Also, many roofing projects seem simple on the surface but become more involved and complex after work begins. This is often because the source of an issue turns out to be more severe and costly to fix than whatever was first suspected. 

Though it can be tempting to take a DIY approach to smaller jobs, we strongly advise against this when it comes to your roof. Working at heights is dangerous in and of itself, and doing repairs yourself could void your home insurance. Plus, if you need to replace over 50% of your roof, the involvement of a Competent Person Scheme licensed roofer will save time and effort, as any non-licensed repairs past this percentage must be surveyed and signed off by your local authority. 

Cost to repair a roof leak 

The cost of fixing a leaky roof depends on where that leak is located, how large it is and how much damage it’s done so far. In an ideal scenario, fixing a leak is as simple as re-caulking around a chimney or cleaning out clogged debris. In a nightmare scenario, a leaky roof can do so much damage that a full or partial roof replacement, including scaffolding hire, is required. 

A roofer usually charges around £120 for an initial leak inspection, with simple fixes like re-caulking or repairing some failed mortar costing around £90 (roof replacement cost estimates are available below).

Cost to repair a sagging roof

Why is the roof sagging? Determining the answer to this question is the key to figuring out how much repair work will cost you. 

If the roof material is weighing down on the timber frame, causing sagging, you may need to invest in additional joists for around £1,000 to £2,000. If, however, the internal structure of the roof has become waterlogged, repair might turn into replacement, and your bill might rise to anywhere from £5,000 to £12,000

We recommend consulting a roofing specialist to determine exactly why your roof is sagging. They can identify the source of the issue and give you different options for fixing it. 

Cost to repair roof lining

If you only need a patch fix, your roof lining repair cost will be relatively low. However, roofing felt doesn’t last forever. Tell-tale signs that your lining needs replacing include water on your inside walls, roof sagging and mould. This table breaks down the per m2 costs of replacing various lining materials.

Roof lining materialReplacement cost per m
FeltFrom £2.50 
AsphaltFrom £14 
EPDM rubberFrom £7 
FibreglassFrom £30 
PVCFrom £14 

Roofers usually charge an hourly rate of around £30 or a daily rate of £240. Assuming they can install 12m2 of roof lining in a day, and you need 6m2 of roof felt replaced, you’d be looking at a total cost of around £135

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Cost to repair a roof valley 

A roof valley, the connection point for two sloping roofs, channels rainwater down towards the gutter and can often be the first area of your roof to spring a leak. This table outlines the costs you might face when paying for repairs in this area.

Roof valley repair jobAverage price range
A small repair on a lead-lined valley£75 to £200
A small repair on a preformed valley£80 to £150
A small repair on a GRP valley£50 to £100
A full replacement of a lead-lined valley£500 to £600
A full replacement of a preformed valley£450 to £550
A full replacement of a GRP valley£350 to £450

Cost to repair or replace flashing

Flashing is installed where your roof tiles meet the structure of your home and is usually made of lead. However, lead-free flashing options, including aluminium, vinyl, steel and copper, are now available. You’ll know your flashing needs some TLC when there are signs of water ingress in your home, rust stains, visible gaps or mortar issues. 

Usually, replacing a section of flashing will cost £250 per metre. For a two-bedroom detached house, you’d be looking at a total cost of approximately £650

Cost to repair a chimney

Common issues requiring chimney repair or replacement include leaks, cracks and damaged joints. The exact cost of repairing a chimney will depend on ease of access at your property (will scaffolding be required, for instance?).This table details average prices for the various elements involved in a chimney repair project.

Chimney repair jobAverage cost
An initial inspection to determine the source of the leak£120
Raking out the existing mortar£35 per m2
Repointing brickwork£55 per m2
Repointing stonework£80 per m2
Repointing a whole chimney£200 to £400
Re-caulking around flashing to stop leaks £90
Renewing chimney flashing£180
Re-cementing the chimney crown£180
Hiring and erecting scaffolding £20 per m2

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Cost to repair or replace guttering 

Gutters drain water away from your house and prevent damage. They may need cleaning, repairing or replacing if you spot that they are split, cracked, sagging or overflowing. In the case of sagging or overflowing gutters, clean them out to see if this fixes the issue. From there, if something still isn’t right, speak with a roofer or gutter repair specialist about their recommendations. 

For a six-inch gutter replacement, the cost will likely be around £90, including labour. For a larger-scale project, such as replacing two walls of guttering on a terraced house, you’ll be looking at a total cost of around £300

Cost to replace your whole roof

A complete roof replacement doesn’t come cheap, and it’s not something any roofer will recommend lightly. This table outlines likely replacement costs for the three most common roof structures, including all the labour and material expenses involved with creating a new frame, building the new roof, adding insulation, adding gutters, etc.

Type of roofEstimated total replacement costEstimated replacement cost per m
Pitched hip roof£8,500 to £17,500£132 to £275
Pitched gable roof£7,500 to £16,250£117 to £256
Flat roof£1,440 to £3,400£45 to £100

On top of these costs, you’ll also need to budget for:

  • Existing roof removal, usually from £1,000 to £2,500
  • Scaffolding, usually £800 or more
  • Skip hire, approximately £200

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Cost to replace a section of your roof

In some situations, you won’t need to replace the entirety of your roof, but you will need to replace and rebuild a section of it. Refer to the per m2 costs above for a general idea of this.

If, for example, you only need to fix a 1m2 section on your pitched roof, you’ll usually be able to sort this for about £250 (expect that price to rise for more premium materials, though, sitting at around £360 per m2 for clay repairs and around £450 per m2 for slate repairs).

Cost of replacing tiles

Numerous tile materials can be used on a pitched roof, with the four most popular options being concrete, clay, slate and shingles. This table explores the different material costs, giving you an idea of what you’ll pay if you need to swap out some damaged tiles with fresh replacements.  

Type of roof tileCost
Concrete£1 to £3.50 per tile
Clay£1 to £2.50 per tile
Slate£1.50 to £5.40 per tile 
Shingles From £15 per m2

Individual tiles are very affordable, but access issues at your property and struggles to source tiles that match your existing roof can take the price of replacing a few tiles up from £170, including labour, to about £500

Replacing the ridge tiles at the top of your roof is slightly more costly by comparison. You’ll be looking at a material cost of about £45 per m2, with a labour cost of around £250 total

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Cost of replacing fascias and soffits

Fascias and soffits are boards that cover the ends of roof rafters. They’re more commonly present in modern homes in the UK. If you have a fascia or soffit board that needs to be replaced, the amount you’ll pay will depend on a) the scale of your project and b) the materials to be used.

Fascia and soffit replacement scenarioAverage cost (inc. labour)
Replacing wood fascias and soffits on a small bungalow£380
Replacing uPVC fascias and soffits on a small bungalow£360
Replacing timber soffits ONLY on a two-bedroom detached house£300
Repairing a section of wooden fascia or soffitApproximately £180

How long does a roof repair take?

You must have a realistic timeline when planning out your roof repair project. When you know how long everything will take, you can minimise disruption to your life and get a more accurate sense of costs before requesting a full quote from a roofing professional. Here’s a timeframe summary for all the most common roof repair jobs.

Roof repair jobAverage timeframe
Repairing a leaking or sagging roof Usually up to a day
Repairing roof lining A day to four days (for large homes and full replacements)
Repairing a roof valleySix to eight hours 
Repairing flashing/leadworkUp to a day
Repairing a chimneyUp to a day
Repairing gutteringOne to eight hours
Replacing the entire roofUp to two weeks for pitched roofs, usually two to five days for flat roofs
Replacing roof tiles Two to three days for a whole section
Replacing fascias and soffitsOne to two days

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How to reduce your roof repair costs

If you’re faced with the unexpected cost of a roof repair and hoping to minimise that expense however you can, we can help.

  • Research and budget in advance: There are some things your roofer will only be able to tell you once they know the scope of your project and have inspected your roof. Completing plenty of initial research into different repair jobs and their price points will, however, give you a better idea of whether a quote seems reasonable when it does arrive.
  • Compare and contrast to get the best deal: MyBuilder should be able to connect you with available, highly rated roofers in your area. From there, don’t commit to one right away. Take your time, gather multiple like-for-like quotes and do all you can to confirm that you’re truly getting a good price from the roofer you eventually choose to hire. 
  • Pay attention to the time of year: This won’t always be possible or recommended, especially if your repair issue is urgent, such as a leak with resulting water damage. But, if it is possible, try and wait to hire a roofer until the spring and summer months. That way, you’ll hopefully avoid weather conditions causing issues that complicate the project and add to the expense.
  • Don’t forget to consider the long-term benefits: Think long term rather than focusing solely on up-front costs. For example, flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs initially, but pitched roofs last longer. Damage to a flat roof is more likely to require a replacement rather than a patch repair, making it a less viable choice from a cost-reduction perspective.  


Can I repair my own roof?

The roof is an essential structural element of the home, and doing DIY work on it is risky, especially if you don’t have experience in this area. We’d recommend hiring a professional to avoid making costly or dangerous mistakes, and we’d caution that if you attempt to go it alone, you may inadvertently go against the UK’s Building Regulations or void your home insurance policy.

How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired?

If you’re even remotely on the fence about needing a roof repair, connect with a professional roofer as soon as possible and bring them out to your home for an inspection. Small issues can cause significant problems if left alone to worsen for long enough. Don’t take the risk. Fix the problem while it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so. 

How long will my roof take to repair?

It depends on the size of your repair project and the size of your property. A complete roof replacement could take weeks, while a simple flashing repair job could be done in a few hours. You’ll also wait longer if you choose to hire a tradesperson with limited availability, though MyBuilder could help to reduce this issue by helping connect you with those who are able to assist. 

Does my roofer need to be licensed under the Competent Person Scheme?

Yes, we would recommend hiring a CompetentRoofer to guarantee a certain level of quality. This is especially essential if you plan to replace more than half of your roof. In that circumstance, you’ll need to notify your local authority of your project, and if you aren’t using a roofer registered with the scheme, you’ll also have to pay for a roof inspection conducted by your local building control department after work is complete. 

Your roof repair checklist

To appropriately prepare for your roof repair job and ensure that you make the right roofer hiring decision, follow our simple checklist.

  • Calculate your budget: Do this carefully, pulling from up-to-date estimates and including extra costs like scaffolding if you think they will apply. The better an idea you have of what you’ll pay, the less you’ll be surprised by your quotes from roofers. 
  • Consider Building Regulations/whether you need to notify your local authority: You’ll need to tell your local authority if you plan to replace over 50% of your roof, though you won’t usually need planning permission. If you plan to repair or replace more than 25% of your roof, you’ll be legally obliged to improve your insulation up to a certain standard (if that isn’t already met).
  • Find suitable local roofers on MyBuilder: Post your job for free on our site and wait for interest to come in from available, appropriately skilled roofers in your area. Browse these roofers’ profiles to find the right fit, looking at past jobs and previous customer reviews.
  • Look for relevant experience and accreditation: Keep an eye out for roofers with expertise and experience in the kind of repairs that you need doing, and note any memberships, qualifications or accreditations that the roofer possesses, which might offer you increased peace of mind.
  • Make your final, fully informed decision: Having gathered all the information you need, compared quotes from different contractors and asked questions of any potential hire about their process, history, etc., make your final choice with confidence. 

If you’re looking for help with a roof repair job, save time and stress with MyBuilder. Using our free platform, you could connect with a qualified local roofer in record time.