Average cost of turfing a medium
sized lawn is between £450 - £540
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How much does it cost to lay turf?

The laying turf costs in this article are correct as of 2019  

We all want to make the most of our outdoor space, and for many of us, that means having an immaculate lawn worthy of any bowling green. If yours has become waterlogged, weed-choked or dried out, bringing it back to health can be a real challenge, but laying new turf can immediately reinvigorate your garden. We’ve broken down some of the costs involved.


Turf prices

There’s nothing quite like a real turf lawn. Natural grass with healthy soil underneath can be a haven for worms and other creepy-crawlies, helping birds, hedgehogs and other wildlife to thrive in your garden, and while you might find mowing it regularly throughout the summer to be a chore, the pleasant smell of freshly cut grass is its own reward. Real turn also allows water to naturally soak into it, protecting your garden from a build-up of standing water which can cause long-term problems for your home.

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The cost of laying turf can be broken down by a few factors:

  • The price of the turf itself (varies regionally and by brand).
  • The cost of associated materials like top soil which may be needed to lay underneath lawn.
  • The cost of the labour for installing new turf lawn.

For a standardard turf laying job to a medium sized garden (around 20m square) you can expect to pay between £450 and £540. Breakdown should look something like this:

Turf itself: £10-£12 per square metre.

Extra materials: aprx. £100 for a bag of top soil (covers 30 m2 but worth to have some extra).

Landscape Gardener cost: aprx. £150-£200 for a day of work.

Returfing an average garden can usually be done in a day. Smaller teams or larger gardens can take several days to complete.

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