The average cost of turfing
a medium-sized lawn is between £400 - £600
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How much does turfing cost?

Want to find out how much turfing costs in the UK? We’ve created a detailed guide, outlining different types of turf and artificial grass available, as well as the expected costs you could pay. Please note, all turfing costs are estimates that are accurate as of 2024.  

Having a healthy, well-kept lawn can be a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. If your lawn has been neglected, or suffered through the seasons, turfing can help reinvigorate your garden. With so many different turfs and artificial grasses available, there’s a variety of options available to suit your budget. 

So, whether you’re looking at low-budget options, or fancy splashing out on something more premium, we’ve broken down all the options available.


Average turf and artificial grass costs

Whether you fancy lying out in the sun, playing outdoor sports on summer evenings or just extra space to soak up nature, a lawn is a great way to transform your garden space. 

With season changes and the labour required to maintain them, lawns often require a refresh or a complete overhaul. With turfing or artificial grass, you can give your outdoor space a new lease on life. 

Below, we’ve outlined the costs for turfing or installing artificial grass in the UK. These prices are averages, but if you want a more detailed overview, scroll down to read more.

Turf or artificial grasses typeAverage cost 
Budget garden turf£2 to £3 per m²
Mid-range garden turf£5 per m²
Premium garden turf£7 per m²
Artificial grass £9 to £14 per m²


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 How much does garden turfing and artificial grass cost? 

Whether it’s a low-budget turfed lawn, or low-maintenance artificial grass, one of the most important factors determining price will be the size and scale of your garden. 

The average cost of grass turf is £10 to £30 per m². The average cost to install artificial grass is £50 to £65 per m²

If you’re choosing to lay turf or install artificial grass yourself, most costs will relate only to buying materials. Alternatively, if the task feels a bit daunting, or you’re struggling to find the time to reinvigorate your outdoor space, hiring a landscape gardener could be beneficial. Hiring a landscape gardener will help the process run a lot more smoothly, and it’s an ideal way to ensure your turf is laid correctly and maintained successfully. 

While most turfing and artificial grass costs will be based on size of your garden and labour costs, other costs could crop up depending on the previous state of your outdoor space. We explore some of these additional costs below.

Cost of budget garden turf

If you want a new lawn, but want to keep costs down, there are plenty of cheaper garden turf options available. 

The cheapest grass turf costs around £2 to £3 per m². Although this is great for keeping costs low, this type of turf won’t be very durable, and so is best for lawns that won’t be used very often. 

Cost of mid-range garden turf

If you want a more durable lawn, but can’t afford high turf costs, a mid-range garden turf could be an ideal compromise. This will usually cost around £5 per m².

Cost of premium garden turf

Fancy a multi-purpose lawn that’s also of a high quality and looks attractive? Premium garden turf is slow growing, easy to look after and usually costs around £7 per m².

Cost of artificial grass 

Artificial grass is a great, low-maintenance way to create a beautifully finished lawn. Artificial grass usually costs between £9 and £14 per m².

However, when choosing artificial grass, it’s important to note its setbacks. While extremely durable, artificial grass retains heat, making it dangerous for pets or children during summer. 

Cost of laying turf or artificial grass 

If you want a new, high-quality lawn, without the hassle of laying turf or installing artificial grass yourself, hiring a landscape gardener can be an ideal way to avoid the stress and manual labour. Below, we’ve laid out some average expected costs.

Type of garden landscaping work Average cost
Laying grass turf£10 to £30 per m²
Installing artificial grass £30 to £60 per m²



Additional turfing costs 

Beyond the costs of turf and labour, there are a few extra expenses that you need to be aware of. For example, if your garden needs to be cleared before laying turf, you might need to hire a skip, which could set you back £265 per project.

Additionally, if your garden requires extensive clearing before turfing can begin, you’ll likely need to hire a landscape gardener to do this before they can start on turfing. The average cost of hiring a landscape gardener is £15 to £45 per hour for garden clearance.

If your garden has grass growing in it already, this will need to be dug up and replaced with new topsoil to allow for proper drainage. Per tonne, topsoil costs £75, but the amount of topsoil you’ll need will vary based on the state of your lawn. Topsoil is essential for proper drainage and providing the nutrients to encourage your lawn to grow. 


How long does turfing take? 

If you want to transform your lawn, turfing or installing artificial grass usually takes around two to three hours. Bear in mind that this doesn’t cover any other tasks such as clearance.

However, when turfing your lawn with natural grass, you usually need to wait two weeks before you can use it. This allows the turf to grow strong roots. 


How to reduce turfing costs 

If you want an immaculate lawn, but are transforming your outdoor space on a budget, here are a few ways to reduce your costs.

Source materials and items yourself

If you’re hiring someone to turf your lawn, but still want to save money, sourcing the turf or artificial grass yourself means you can look for the best deals and sales. This also means you have a say over what type of turf gets installed, so that you can choose materials that are within your budget. 

Hire a landscape gardener

Often, hiring a professional can save you money in the long term. While it’s tempting to attempt turfing yourself, you need to ensure that the turf will grow and settle into the soil. If this isn’t done properly, you will likely have to buy more materials and start the process over again, costing yourself more. By hiring a reliable tradesperson, you can ensure that your turf is laid to a professional standard and will grow effectively. 




Can I lay turf or install artificial grass myself? 

While you can lay turf or install artificial grass yourself, hiring a landscape gardener will ensure that your lawn is completed to a quality standard, and without the risk of natural grass not growing as it should. 

How do I maintain and care for turf?

Once turf has been laid, it’s essential to keep it watered so that it can grow and settle into the soil. It’s also a good idea to keep off the turfed lawn until the roots have properly grown. This growth will usually occur after two weeks, so avoid use until then. 

How long does a turfed lawn last? 

With the right care and maintenance, a turfed lawn can root and settle indefinitely. However, an individual piece of turf has a shelf life of 24 hours, so once it’s purchased, it needs to be planted straight away. If you’re choosing to turf a lawn yourself, its crucial to purchase and grow turf on the same day to encourage proper growth. 


Your turfing checklist 

Plan beforehand 

Take a look at the current state of your garden and consider what work needs to be done to prepare your garden for turf. Will you need to clear any debris, or garden structures? Where would you like to lay turf? By planning in advance, this will allow you to budget for what work needs to be done and will ensure you get the most accurate quotes possible if hiring a professional. 

Check what suits your situation

Be realistic about your lifestyle and needs. If you’re not able to commit to the maintenance of a real grass lawn, artificial grass is a great alternative. However, artificial grass can be dangerous to pets and children due to the way it retains heat. So, when choosing turf or artificial grass, keep in mind what you’ll use your outdoor space for, and what suits your situation best. 

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