What’s the hourly rate of an electrician?

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Whether you’re carrying out routine safety checks or you need a full upgrade to your wiring, you’ll want to work with a qualified and experienced electrician. But what’s the hourly rate of an electrician in the UK? The average hourly rate of an electrician in the UK is £45. And when might that rate vary? We’ve put together a guide to help you figure out a budget for the work you need. Please note that prices are estimates that are current as of 2024.

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Electricians either charge a fixed fee for a particular job or an hourly rate to cover the work they have to do within a certain space of time. Most electricians prefer to price for a specific job so that they can include any materials or additional labour needed, but understanding an hourly rate for electricians gives you a good idea of the costs.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:
  1. Average hourly rates for electricians
  2. Common electrician jobs costs
  3. How long will my electrics work take?
  4. How to reduce electrician costs
  5. FAQ

Average hourly rates for electricians

The hourly rate for an electrician can vary depending on where in the UK they work and how experienced they are. They might also work with an apprentice or another electrician to get the job done more quickly. If you need a job done urgently or outside business hours (for example, at the weekend or in the evening), you can also expect to pay more. Here’s our handy calculator for the average hourly rates of electrical contractors:

 Electrician jobAverage cost
UK standard rate£45 per hour
Rate in London and the Southeast£60 per hour
Emergency rate£80 per hour
Out-of-hours rate£60 to £80 per hour
First hour rate (minimum call-out charge)£80 to £100 per hour
Day rate£300 to £360
Cost to replace a fuse box£500 to £700
Cost to replace a light fitting£80 to £100
Cost to install a socket£100 to £130
Cost of an electrical safety certificate£220

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Cost per hour for an emergency electrician

If your power cuts out without explanation or you notice a potentially dangerous fault with an electrical appliance, you might need to book an electrician urgently. Emergency electricians typically charge more, as they might need to rearrange other appointments or attend your job outside office hours. Emergency electricians usually charge a rate of around £80 per hour.

Cost per hour for an electrician out of hours

Work and other commitments might mean you need an electrician to come out at the weekend or in the evening. For appointments that need to take place outside normal working hours (typically between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday), you can expect to pay more than the standard hourly rate, around £60 to £80 per hour.

Common electrician jobs costs

Cost to rewire a house

If your electrics are out of date, they could be dangerous. They are also likely to be inefficient, meaning you’ll pay more in energy bills. The cost of rewiring a house depends on its size and age, as well as its location. On average, you’ll pay around £4,000 to rewire a small house or a flat, and up to £10,000 for a large home.

Cost to replace a fuse box

If your lights keep flickering or your sockets don’t seem to be working as they should, it’s usually a sign that your fuse box has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Fuse box (or consumer unit) replacement typically takes around a day, and costs, on average, £500 to £700.

Cost of replacing a light fitting

Replacing a ceiling light fitting is a quick and simple job that should take no more than an hour. It could therefore cost you as little as £45 or the minimum call-out charge, plus whatever you pay for the new light fitting itself.

Cost to install an electric shower

Electric showers are a convenient choice because they can be fitted using just a cold water supply. Installing an electric shower typically takes around a day and costs approximately £350, excluding the cost of the shower itself. You may also need to use a plumber to complete the installation.

Cost to fit an electric oven

Electric ovens allow you to cook at a higher and more even temperature than gas ovens. They’re also more energy efficient. Fitting an electric oven is a relatively quick and easy job, assuming the power is already in place. It usually takes less than an hour, meaning you can expect to pay between £80 and £100 as a minimum call-out charge, not including the cost of the oven itself.

Cost to install a socket

If you need a new mains outlet or you want to move an existing one, you’ll need to get an electrician to install a socket. Fitting a new double power socket in a wall is a relatively straightforward job that typically costs around £100 to £130.

Cost of an electrical safety certificate

An electrical safety certificate provides proof that your electrics comply with regulatory standards. The test will cover your fuse box, outlets and wiring, and is carried out by an electrician who is qualified to self-certify their work. They will then issue a certificate showing that your circuits are safe.

It is recommended that you have an electrical safety check approximately every ten years if you live in your own home, or every five years in any rented property. The cost for an electrical safety certificate is, on average, £220.

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How long will my electrics work take?

To help you plan any electrics work in your property, this tables shows the average length of time some common electrics jobs will take.

Rewiring a small flatFive days
Rewiring a large houseTen days
Replacing a fuse boxOne day
Replacing a light fittingOne hour
Installing a socketOne to two hours
Installing an electric showerOne day
Installing an electric ovenOne to two hours

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How to reduce electrician costs

Concerned about the hourly rate of an electrical engineer? Upgrading your electrics can be a way to reduce your energy bills and save yourself money further down the line, but the initial outlay might seem daunting. Here are some ways you can keep costs to a minimum:

1. Shop around. Get a few quotes for comparison so you know you’re getting a fair price. MyBuilder shares your job with hundreds of electricians in your area so you can get a range of costs to compare.

2. Don’t delay. If you’re worried there’s a fault with your electrics, make an appointment with an electrician now so that it doesn’t develop into an emergency situation. Routine weekday call-outs, booked in advance, are generally more affordable than emergency ones that need to take place at short notice or outside normal business hours.

3. Do some prep work. You can make your electrician’s life easier and save them time on the job if you do some basic preparation before their visit. Remove any breakables, cover up furniture if necessary and take items off the wall so that your electrician can start working straight away.

4. Invest in money-saving upgrades. Consider upgrading your system to save yourself money on your energy bills. For example, you could swap your lightbulbs for LEDs or install a motion detector to reduce the cost of outdoor lighting.

5. Choose an experienced and trustworthy electrician. Working with a reliable and experienced electrician means you can expect the job to be carried out in a safe, efficient and timely way to give you the best value for money.



How often do I need to check my electrics?

Generally speaking, your wiring, fuse box and appliances should be inspected and tested every ten years if you live in your own home. If you live in rented accommodation or you rent to someone else, an EICR should be carried out every five years.

How do I know if an electrician is reliable?

Electrical mistakes can be dangerous, so it's vital to find a qualified and reliable electrician for your job. At MyBuilder, we only accept accredited and experienced tradespeople into our network, and over a third get turned down. That means you can be confident that when you post your job on MyBuilder, you can find a tradesperson with the skills to carry it out safely and efficiently.

You can also do some research of your own before choosing to hire an electrician: look up their qualifications, check out reviews from other homeowners and ask them if they’re registered with a Competent Person Scheme. These schemes, like BSI, NICEIC and Trustmark, allow an electrician to self-certify that their work is safe and complies with regulations.

Can I replace my electrics myself?

We don’t recommend taking on an electrical job yourself unless you have the right skills and experience. Electricity can be dangerous and even deadly if appropriate safety measures are not followed. There’s also a risk of fire and electric shock to others if sockets or appliances are not installed properly.

Working with a professional and accredited electrician means you can be confident that your electrics are safe and will last a long time, saving you money over the long term.

Your electrician checklist

  • Plan ahead: aim to get your electrics checked regularly, consider upgrading out-of-date appliances and stay alert to any potential problems so that they don’t turn into emergency situations that end up costing you more.
  • Get a range of quotes for comparison: with MyBuilder, you can contact local electricians and request a range of quotes to find one that suits your budget.
  • Choose an accredited and reliable electrician: MyBuilder checks the skills and qualifications of all applicants to our network so you can be confident in finding an electrician who has the expertise to take on your job.
  • Check out reviews: before you hire an electrician through MyBuilder, you can look at verified reviews from other homeowners to make sure they come recommended.
Looking for a skilled and qualified electrician near you? Share your job on MyBuilder, completely for free, and we’ll send a message to accredited electricians in your area. Check out their work history, qualifications and reviews, and get in touch with anyone you like the look of.