How much does window fitting cost?

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A full home window installation in the UK costs around £3,750 on average, with the help of two tradespeople. A professional fitting, usually completed in just a day, not only ensures precision and safety but also brings long-term benefits to the home, like improved energy efficiency and peace of mind.

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The cost of window fitting in the UK typically varies widely by material, design and installation complexity. Our comprehensive guide clarifies the costs with a clear breakdown of pricing for various window types, from wooden frames to modern skylights, as well the cost of hiring a specialist window fitter. Whether you’re upgrading your property for a new look or improved efficiency, we’re here to help you invest wisely in your home's comfort and value. 

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average window fitting costs
  2. Window fitting cost breakdown
  3. How long does window fitting take?
  4. How to reduce window fitting costs
  5. FAQ
  6. Your window fitting checklist

Average window fitting costs

Whether you’re seeking a simple window removal or a bespoke design, these prices serve as a guide to budget effectively for your window-fitting project. Remember, while these averages provide a useful baseline, the overall cost will depend on various factors, including window types, sizes and installation complexities. 

ItemUnitCost (low to high)Average cost
Install uPVC window framePer frame £80
Install wooden window framePer frame£80 to £100£90
Install glassPer pane £27
Remove old windowPer window£25 to £30£27
Dispose of wastePer ton £150
Cut out brick and install lintel Per opening£300 to £1,000£600
Install new Velux window (including supply)Per new window installation £750 to £1,750£1,250
Replace Velux window (including supplyPer window replacement£550 to £1,500£1,025
Obtain FENSA certificate Per window £25

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Window fitting cost breakdown

What is a window fitter’s hourly rate?

The typical window fitter day rate in the UK ranges from £25 to £35 an hour. Factors that can affect this cost include the type of window, the window fitter’s expertise and your location.

While hiring a professional may initially seem costly and time-bound to their schedule, the advantages typically far outweigh the cons. A professional window fitter brings expertise that ensures precise, secure installation, which is crucial for the window's performance and durability. A specialist can also provide valuable advice on energy-efficient options and are equipped to handle unexpected challenges during installation. And the work of professional window fitters often comes with a guarantee, offering peace of mind that the job is done right, potentially saving you money on future repairs and energy bills.

Velux window installation cost 

Velux is a brand of windows, but the term is often used to describe skylights. These are windows that are set into a roof or ceiling. 

Installing a Velux window is a popular choice for bringing natural light and ventilation into spaces like lofts. The loft window installation cost can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size and design of the window, any roof alterations needed and local labour rates. In the UK, the average roof window installation cost ranges between £750 and £1,750

Bay window installation cost 

The cost of bay window installation in the UK can vary depending on the number of sections and whether you're replacing an existing window or fitting a new one. For new installations, a three-section uPVC bay window averages around £1,200, a four-section window around £1,650 and a five-section bay window approximately £2,150. If you're looking to replace a bay window, the average cost is about £2,000

Window film installation cost 

In the UK, the cost of window film installation can vary significantly. For individual window tinting, prices range from £200 to £400, with an average cost of around £300 per window. By square metreage, tinting costs are estimated between £60 and £170 per m2, averaging £120

Budget options like a silver reflective tint cost around £775 for 3m2. Medium-priced options, like seasonal heat rejectors, may cost about £1,175 per 3m2. For high-end films with thin insulation technologies, the cost could be an average of £1,875 per 3m2.

How long does window fitting take?

For a professional window fitter working on a standard small to medium-sized house, it should take around one full day to fit all the windows.

Type of homeDays to complete
Four casement windows terraced homeOne
Three-bedroom semi-detached home (eight windows)One
Four-bedroom detached home (12 to 15 windows)One and a half

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How to reduce window fitting costs

If you’d like to try and save some money on your window fitting project, here are some tips:

  • Compare quotes. Obtain multiple quotes to find the best deal. We recommend sourcing at least three quotes.
  • Schedule off peak. Consider booking during slower seasons for potential discounts. 
  • Choose affordable materials. Opt for more affordable window materials, like uPVC frames.
  • Pick simple designs. Choose standard window styles over custom designs. 
  • Measure accurately. Ensure correct sizing to avoid costly adjustments. 
  • Prepare yourself. Handle any clear up or preparatory work yourself. 
  • Re-use fixtures. Keep existing frames if they're in good condition. 
  • DIY finish. Paint and finish the windows yourself. 
  • Request bulk discounts. Replace multiple windows at once for a reduced rate.


What is the best material for a window frame? 

The best material for a window frame largely depends on personal requirements, including climate, budget and style. Wood offers timeless appeal and natural insulation but may require more upkeep. Aluminium is strong and sleek and ideal for a modern look, but less insulating. uPVC is a popular choice for its affordability, low maintenance and good thermal performance. Fibreglass excels in durability and energy efficiency, while composite materials provide a mix of the beauty of wood with the resilience of synthetics. Each material comes with its own set of benefits, allowing for a choice that best aligns with your needs.

Can you DIY fitting window frames? 

It’s possible to fit window frames yourself, and it can be a cost-saving option for those with the necessary skills and tools. It requires precise measurements, a clear understanding of the window type and meticulous installation to ensure proper sealing and operation. 

While fitting window frames is feasible for experienced DIYers, it's crucial to be aware of local building codes and regulations. Poorly installed windows can lead to energy loss, water damage and decreased home security. For those less experienced, it's recommended to consult with or hire a professional to guarantee the job is conducted correctly and safely.

Do you need Building Regulations for new windows?

Yes, in the UK, new window installations must comply with Building Regulations to ensure they meet safety, thermal efficiency and ventilation standards. These regulations cover aspects such as structural integrity, fire safety (particularly for upper-floor windows) and glazing durability. It's mandatory to use a FENSA or CERTASS certified installer or have the work inspected by Local Authority Building Control. Compliance ensures the windows are installed correctly and that they contribute to the energy conservation of the building, which is increasingly important for environmental and cost reasons. Non-compliance can lead to fines and additional costs to rectify the work.

Your window fitting checklist

  • Look out for FENSA registered specialists for assured compliance with Building Regulations.
  • Verify the credentials of window fitting specialists as accreditation ensures professional standards. 
  • Submit an application to your local council's building control for FENSA certification to meet the legal requirements for new windows.
  • Choose the right materials for your new windows. A good option is uPVC material, as it’s the top choice for its energy efficiency, safety features and long-term durability.

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