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  • robert ferguson

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    Stonemason in Norwich

    all types of masonry work

  • DW construction

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    Stonemason in Norwich

    My name is David Wilkinson and I have been in construction for 15 years. I am lucky enough to have been taught the traditional methods of stone laying as well as bricklaying. I am NVQ level 3 and have over 5 years experience in running a construction firm. I have been involved in many executive home builds and grand design style new builds across Norfolk. Brickwork is my passion.


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    Stonemason in Norwich

    I am a multi skilled bricklayer/stonework/flintlayer & have over 30yrs experience working alongside Norfolk archaeology trust,natural England & English heritage

  • Philip Ley
    Rating: 5 out of 5552 reviews
    Stonemason in Norwich

    Builder/Bricklayer 35+years All aspects of building new build and extension’s, conversions & renovations, brick, block, stone work and hard landscapes. New to my builder but not new to building.

    Latest review:
    Phil and Sonny were courteous, professional, clean and competent. We'd definitely recommend them to anybody and will be in-touch again for more work! Phil was quick to respond and set-up a time to quote, and got back to us promptly with a clear and transparent schedule of works. Once we agreed to go ahead, Phil was great in setting up a time for the work and messaged a few days before with a start time and a list of what would be undertaken on each day. To open up the doorway, Phil chose a method that would produce minimal dust and rubble was cleared as they worked. Blocking up the previously open doorway and making good on the previously bricked up one was done to a super high standard and in a way appropriate to the space. At the end of each work-day, the site was left really clean. Whenever there was a decision to be made, Phil laid everything out in a way I could understand and it felt like everything was done in exactly the way we needed. We're super happy with the result, once we paint it, you wouldn't know the doorways had been swapped around!
  • J.D Building
    Rating: 5 out of 55537 reviews
    Stonemason in Norwich

    J.D Building is an established business. We deliver high standards of work at reasonable prices.

    Latest review:
    Mr. J. Daw made an excellent job repairing our chimney. He worked speedily and was very efficient. The area was left clean and tidy afterwards. We would not hesitate employing him again.

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