Repairing missing roof
tiles costs around £200
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How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

The roof repair costs in this article are correct as of 2019

The old saying is that you should fix the roof when the sun is shining, but whatever the weather is doing, if you need to repair your roof, the time to do it is now. Missing tiles or damaged flashing can allow water into your roof space, causing lasting damage and long term problems. If you’re considering getting your roof repaired, we’ve laid out some of the costs you can expect to deal with.

Tiled roof repair costs

Estimating the average roof repair cost can be difficult because there is such a large range of issues that may need to be tackled.

In the simplest instances, you might have a missing or damaged roof tile which is letting in water. If this is the case, it can cost around £200 for a roofer to replace a handful of cement, clay or slate tiles, and can be done relatively quickly, typically in a few hours. This will help fend off any leaks that result from slipped roof tiles.

If the damage is more widespread, for example if a tree has landed on your roof and a large section needs to be replaced, the job will be a lot more expensive. Especially if a roofer needs to erect scaffolding to allow proper access, the repair costs can stretch to several thousand pounds - see our guide on general roofing costs for more details.


Roof flashing repair costs

Lead flashing on your roof helps protect the edge of your roof, where tiles meet brickwork such as your chimney or any skylights. If this becomes damaged for any reason, it can cause similar problems to missing tiles, allowing rain into your property. Fixing damaged flashing should cost a similar amount to missing tiles - replacing a metre or so of flashing will cost between £100 and £250.

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Flat roof repair costs

Simple patch repairs for flat roofs such as those on garages or extensions can cost a few hundred pounds, however, given the nature of flat roof repairs, it can sometimes make sense to replace the entire roof. Basic felt solutions cost around £50 per square metre for the material itself, and more high-end materials such as modern GRP (a form of fibreglass) going up to £90 per square metre. Labour costs may then cost around £150 to £250 per day per worker. Generally, we would expect a flat roof replacement for a typical garage to cost from £1,000 upwards.


Sagging roof repair costs

Some homes can develop a sag, where the ridge bows in the middle below the height at the gable ends. This can happen for different reasons, for example, if the roof tiles were replaced at some point with a heavier alternative which has slowly weighed down the timber frame supporting the roof. If this is the case, additional joists or rafters can be added to shore up the additional weight, which can cost between £1,000 and £2,000 depending on how many are needed. Sometimes, a roof can sag because it has become waterlogged and the internal structure is irreparably damaged. If this is the case, the entire roof will need to be replaced, which can cost anywhere from £5,000 to £12,000 depending on the size of the property.

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