The average cost of replacing
and fitting a window is around £500
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How much does window replacement & fitting cost?

The window replacement and fitting costs in this article are correct as of 2022

The windows in your property don’t just have a big impact on the look of your home, they also play a major part in its insulation and energy efficiency.
While in years gone by, pushy double glazing salesmen were a common cliche, now the options for upgrading your windows and getting them installed are much more accessible.
Before you get started on changing your windows, you’ll want to know more about the costs involved, so we prepared this guide to help show you what you need to know.

How much do new windows cost?

The cost of windows depends mainly on the material you choose to use. uPVC windows (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), a type of plastic, are the most commonly found in UK homes today, and are chosen for a number of reasons - they are relatively cheap, long-lasting, and efficient when it comes to insulation.

However, there are other materials that you can choose - wood is another popular choice, which can also be very durable and energy-efficient, but will typically cost considerably more than the uPVC alternative and require more care and maintenance, such as painting.

As well as materials, there are also options such as whether the window is double or triple glazed, which will also impact on the window’s insulation properties. Generally, this article discusses double glazing costs, as these are the most common types available.


uPVC double glazing window prices

Small uPVC double-glazed windows, which are made up of two layers of glass with a layer or gas in between, surrounded by a plastic frame, can cost as little as £200 for a simple casement window.

Prices for more standard sized windows, as found in living rooms or bedrooms, will cost between £400 and £600. For sash windows (with a sliding pane), a price of around £500 is fairly typical, while “turn and tilt” windows, where the central pane moves, will be similarly priced.

To calculate the cost of windows for an entire home, it will depend on the number of windows being fitted, the size of the windows and the type of window chosen, but for an average three-bedroom semi-detached home, the cost may vary from around £2,500 to over £6,000.

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Wooden double glazing window prices

Wooden, or timber window frames, can be divided into softwoods, such as pine, and hardwoods, such as oak. Hardwoods will be more durable, but will be more expensive to install.

For a small casement window made from a softwood, the price would typically begin at around £800. A hardwood window would be more than a £1,000. Larger sash windows will cost between £1,500 for softwoods and more than £2,000 for hardwoods. Larger windows can cost upwards of £4,000 depending on the wood chosen.

Altogether, replacing the windows in a house can cost around £10,000 with cheaper woods, and around £15,000 for hardwoods, though the full price can be much greater depending on size and materials.


Other costs to consider

There are a number of ways to go about replacing your windows, from buying directly from a national firm which will supply and fit the windows, to hiring a smaller, local firm who will source the windows themselves.

One thing to look out for is firms that are registered with national bodies FENSA or CERTASS, which aim to raise the standards of the industry and promote quality tradespeople.

Although the double glazing sales industry isn’t like it once was, it still pays to be wary of anyone doing a “hard sell” or promoting last-minute offers that seem too good to be true. You should never feel pressured into making a large purchase like new windows, or get rushed into making choices that you would not otherwise make.



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