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How much does garden landscaping cost?

The landscape gardening costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Britain is known as a nation of gardeners, and whether we have rolling acres or just a few hanging baskets, people take their outdoor seriously.

With this being true, it’s no surprise that many people hire landscape gardeners to carry out both simple and ambitious projects, building patios, decking, ponds, planters and reshaping gardens to make them look their best and become even more useful.

Before you get started on your own landscape gardening job, you’ll want to get an idea of how much it will set you back.

We spoke to some of the expert tradespeople at MyBuilder to find out everything you need to know.


Common Landscape Gardening Jobs 

Giving a full rundown or accurate assessment of a generic landscape gardening job is difficult, as our gardens are as individual as we are.

A large-scale refurbishment in a big garden, which involves planning, adding patio or decking, laying new turf, constructing paths and borders and so on, will run to several thousand pounds, before accounting for things like planting and garden furniture.

However, it is possible to break down smaller elements of landscape gardening and give a rough price for how much they will cost.

How much does a new patio cost?

A patio is a simple and effective way to up your garden’s usability, adding an area where you can sit and socialise that will be hardwearing and versatile.

The cost of patios is generally calculated according to its size, with a cost per square metre which will vary depending on the material used.

We estimate that a patio will cost around £80 per square metre, including digging out and levelling the area, laying a membrane, filling it with hardcore and sand and laying the slabs, before finishing it off it with mortar and cleaning up. This may cost more in London.

See our guide to garden patio prices for an in-depth breakdown of patio costs.

How much does decking cost? 

Decking gives the same use as a patio or paved area, but using wood provides what many people feel is a softer, more natural feel for the garden.

As with patios, decking will also be priced per metre, with cheaper costs for some woods, such as pine, where you can expect to pay around £70 per square metre, and more for more durable and long-lasting hardwoods, which can cost £200 per square metre or more.

See our dedicated guide to garden decking prices for more details.

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How much does laying turf cost?

Thinking of adding a lawn to your garden? You have two main options when it comes to adding grass, with different costs involved.

Real Grass

For many people, a garden wouldn’t be a garden without a traditional lawn, whether it’s a place for the dog to play, children to kick a football, or just a simple space that the rest of the garden can revolve around.

Laying turf is a cheaper option than constructing a patio or adding decking, with the cost of laying turf, usually coming it at around £10 to £20 per square metre.

Read our lawn price guide to get a full picture of lawn costs.


Artificial Turf

Increasingly popular, artificial grass offers the same aesthetic qualities as a real lawn, but with less maintenance.

However, costs are also greater, with more preparation needed before it can be laid.

Laying artificial grass can often work out at more than £60 per square metre to lay.

MyBuilder has a detailed artificial lawn price guide with more details.


Other costs

There are several other projects that a landscape gardener can tackle.

Laying a path for example, might cost around £500, while digging out and lining a pond might cost between £400 and £800.

Constructing raised beds for planting from railway sleepers would begin at around £200.

Another cost that you may have to take into account is the price of a skip, if a significant amount of earth is going to be taken away. This can cost between £150 and £300.

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