The average price of fitting a
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How much does carpet fitting cost?

The carpet fitting costs in this article are correct as of 2022

One of the quickest ways to update your home design and revamp your room is to add new carpets.

Whether you’re making the change to add a splash of colour, or just to replace a tired, thread-bare floor, a new carpet can add a big impact and truly change the way your home feels.

To see how much fitting a new carpet will cost, you can watch our handy video, or read on to get a detailed breakdown of carpet fitting prices.

When looking at carpet prices, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • The carpet price, generally calculated per square metre
  • The carpet installation cost
  • Extras such as underlay and grips

It can be a relatively cheap way to make a big change, but it’s always worth knowing what carpet costs will be before you start on your project.

Whether you’re looking for stair carpets, wool carpets, hallway carpets, or just wondering "how much does carpet cost?", here are some of the things you need to know.


Carpet fitting cost calculator

Carpets are generally priced per square metre, and the cost depends on the material and manufacture of the carpet you choose.

A simple breakdown is as follows:

Type Cost per m2 Cost for 3mx3m room
Basic £13 £117
Average £28 £252
Luxury £50 £450


At the cheaper end of the spectrum, a simple, synthetic carpet can cost from as little as £5.

At the other end, a luxurious, woolen carpet can cost in excess of £30 per metre.

While the cost of the materials itself will make up the bulk of the price, there are other costs that need to be factored in, such as the cost of underlay, which is around £5 to £15 per square metre, carpet grippers, and of course, the cost of labour for the carpet fitter.

With the addition of these, the total price for a carpet fitting job generally ranges from £13 per square metre for a basic carpet and installation, to £50 for a top-of-the range carpet.

The average price is around £28 per square metre. For a room that measures 5m x 3m, the cost would therefore be £450.

Wool carpet prices vs synthetic carpet prices

There are benefits and drawbacks to both synthetic and woollen carpets, and the prices of each reflect this.

Synthetic carpets are more common, and generally cheaper, and are popular for a number of reasons.

Nylon carpets, the most widely-available, are durable and easy to clean, and especially useful in well-trafficked areas like hallways and on stairs.

Polyester and polypropylene carpets have similar advantages.

Meanwhile, wool carpets are renowned for their softness and pleasant feel underfoot.

As mentioned previously, carpets at the cheaper end of the spectrum will tend to be synthetic, while wool carpets will be at the top end.

Which you choose to use depends on how you expect the room to be used, what effects you want to achieve, and what your overall budget for the project is.


MyBuilder Top Tip

If you do choose to purchase a carpet through a carpet fitter, they may ask for a deposit up front.

This ensures that if they purchase the carpet, and especially if they cut it to shape in advance, they will not lose out if the customer changes their mind.

Speak to your fitter and find out in advance if this will be the case, so you can budget for this eventuality. 

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Other carpet installation costs to consider

As well as the cost of the carpet, underlay, grippers and fitters, there are several other related costs that could arise based on the particulars of your project.

Many carpet fitters will charge for clearing a room of furniture if you are not prepared to clear the room yourself, and to lift and remove of any old carpet that you may already have in the room.

This may only add a relatively small cost - around £10 - £15 for clearing the room, and £1 per metre squared for removing the old carpet, but it is worth taking into account, especially on larger projects.

There is also the price of delivery if you are purchasing the carpet yourself and having it shipped, which is typically around £30.

Before the carpet is installed, there may also be issues like broken floorboards or floors that aren’t level, which your fitter may be able to address before the new carpet is installed.

Levelling the floors may cost around £12 per square metre downstairs, and slightly more upstairs, with a cost of around £35 to £45 for adjusting a staircase.

Once the carpet is fitted, you may find that doors need to be adjusted so they move freely over the carpet without dragging and affecting the grain of the carpet.

Some carpet fitters may not perform this themselves, but a carpenter or handyman would charge around £20 for this task, depending on the style of door.


Advice for controlling your carpet costs

When looking into purchasing a new carpet, it pays to look around. Carpets can be purchased from large chains, local specialists and online, so pay attention to special offers and promotions to find the best available price.

The majority of carpet fitters will also be able to purchase carpets on your behalf, with access to trade discounts that may bring down the price.

If you know the kind of carpet you want but haven’t purchased it yet, it can be worth speaking to a local fitter to see if they can obtain the kind of carpet you want for less.

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