The average price of a bathroom
renovation is £1,900 to £7,400
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How much does fitting a new bathroom cost in 2022?

The new bathroom costs in this article are correct as of 2022

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom, it’s important to go into it knowing the average bathroom fitting costs, and how much installation will be before you find the perfect bathroom fitter for your job.

Watch our expert Andy break down average bathroom fitting costs in our short video, or read on to see how your job might be priced up.

The price of a new bathroom will be decided by three main factors:

  • The first and the most important cost is the value of the new suite being installed - the bath, shower, wash basin and lavatory. Average cost: £500 - £2,000
  • The second is the cost of installation, which will mainly depend on the length of time the job will take and number of people working on it. Average cost: £800 - £3,000
  • The third considerations are the cost of removing the old bathroom, tiling, and the cost of additional items such as taps, towel rails and sealant. Average cost: £600 - £2,400

Using this breakdown, we’ve highlighted three possible scenarios - for a small bathroom on a budget, a medium-sized bathroom using a standard suite, and a larger bathroom using high-end products.

  2mx2m Budget 3mx3m Standard 4mx4m Luxury
Removal £200 £400 £600
Suite £500 £1,000 £2,000
Tiling £300 £600 £1,000
Extras £100 £300 £800
Labour £800 £1,500 £3,000
Total £1,900 £3,800 £7,400


Note, these don’t include some specific extras, like design plans or underfloor heating which would add extra costs.

Altogether, after speaking to experienced MyBuilder tradespeople across the UK, we estimate the average price of a bathroom renovation is between £1,900 and £7,400, though these prices can be more in areas like London and the south east.

Whether you need a useful space for a quick shower after a workout, or a relaxing room where you can lounge and pamper yourself, our bathrooms are functional and practical spaces that have to cope with a lot.

Bathroom renovation can cover a wide array of options, from big jobs like a full bathroom renovation, removing an old bathroom suite and replacing it, changing out an old basin or installing a new toilet, fitting a shower cubicle in place of a bath, or installing underfloor heating.

We’ve broken down some of the specific elements below:

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Old bathroom removal costs

Unless the room is being converted into something else, bathroom removal will usually be done as part of a larger bathroom renovation job with the costs included in that.

If you’re simply ripping out the current bathroom for whatever reason, expect to pay a few hundred pounds for the labour, plus another £150 or so if a skip is needed.

It may cost more if there is extensive tiling to be removed as well.


New bathroom remodelling and design costs

If you are purchasing a new bathroom from a large company, they may include designs as part of the overall package, but there are also independent designers you can hire to work through plans and concepts for your bathroom if you’re looking for a truly bespoke experience.

These bathroom remodel costs can range from a few hundred pounds for a simple consultation, to £2,500 for fully realised plans that a builder can then implement.

Cost of materials

For most people installing a new bathroom, this will have the biggest impact on the final cost.

Bathroom products come in a huge array of styles and specifications. A simple toilet can cost less than £50, while a high-tech smart toilet with integrated bidet and seat warmer can cost several thousand pound.

When you apply this range to every element of the bathroom, from sinks to showers, tiles and all the extras like taps and towel rails, the cost difference can be huge, from a few hundred pounds to several thousands, but an average figure would be around £500 to £2,000 - however, the sky is the limit for high-end products.

Cost of labour

Bathroom fitters, like many other trades, will likely work out their costs based on a typical day rate, which can range from around £150 to £250 per day for a single fitter.

If they are working in a team or with an apprentice or labourer then the daily cost will be more, but the work should be quicker.


How long will it take?

The length of time it takes to fit a bathroom will depend on the size of the job, the amount of work being done and the number of people working on it, but typically we have found that between five and ten days is average.

A simple replacement of the bathroom suite can be done in as little as two days, but a large bathroom refurbishment which includes moving elements, and therefore reworking the underlying pipes and plumbing, will take longer.

Extensive tiling, such as floor to ceiling tiling, will also add on work time.

Underfloor heating costs

An increasingly popular option for modern bathrooms, underfloor heating is a great way to make your room cosy and welcoming even on cold winter mornings.

There are two main types of underfloor heating, known commonly as wet and dry styles.

  • Wet styles work like a radiator, with a system of water pipes under the floor through which hot water is pumped.
  • Dry systems use wires or heat mats beneath the floor to achieve the same effect.

Wet systems need to be connected to the boiler via a manifold, and installing them can be a complicated and involved process, so it is often done when the entire home is being renovated and runs throughout multiple rooms to replace traditional heating.

Dry styles are easier to install in specific rooms, though they are less cost-effective to run in the long term.

On average, installing bathroom underfloor heating generally costs around £100 per square metre, but to see a full breakdown of underfloor heating costs, see our dedicated underfloor heating guide.

New toilet installation costs

Installing a toilet, typically as a replacement, is a relatively straightforward job.

The overall cost will be whatever the price of the replacement lavatory is, which can be as little as £50, and the cost of installation, which will typically be around £100 to £150 for a bathroom fitter or plumber to carry out.

Things get more expensive if the new model you are fitting is a substantially different size from the previous one, as the fitter may have to make adjustment to the soil stack, while work may also have to be done to the flooring to cover any potential gaps.

New washbasin installation costs

As with toilets, replacing a hand basin can be relatively straightforward if choosing a very similar unit, with the overall job probably costing around £200 to £500 depending on the type of basin you choose.

It can be more expensive if the job isn’t like for like, and pipework has to be changed.


New bathtub installation costs

Bathtubs can range in price from a £100 for a simple acrylic tub, to more than a £1,000 for cast iron, clawfoot baths.

Similarly, accessible baths such as walk-in baths or whirlpool-style baths will cost a lot more than basic budget options.

As with toilets and basins, fitting is relatively straightforward if replacing a like-for-like bath that is the same size and requires no work to the plumbing - a typical job will usually cost a few hundred pounds.


Bathroom tiling costs

Your bathroom installer will typically tile themselves, in which case the cost of tiling will be part of their overall fee. The tradesperson may also be able to purchase tiles on your behalf through their trade accounts which may save you money.

A good tip to remember is to purchase more tiles than you think you will need - around 10% more is a good rule of thumb - so you have spares in case some are broken or cut wrong and cannot be used.

Tiling usually costs around £50 per square metre - to see a full breakdown of typical tiling costs, see our dedicated tiling pricing guide.

How to keep bathroom fitting costs down

There are a number of ways to ensure you’re getting value for money when installing a new bathroom.

If you’re buying the bathroom yourself from a store or online, make sure you shop around and compare prices, and look out for deals in sales, which will be held throughout the year.

Ensure you hire tradespeople who are reliable and will work to schedule - it’s easy to find quality tradespeople on MyBuilder, with reviews from their previous customers.

You may want to get bathroom installation quotes from a few different tradespeople to see how much they will charge for the job.

Also be wary when having your new bathroom delivered, if you will be taking delivery of it - ensure it is exactly what you wanted, and make sure it’s stored in a secure place, where nothing get damaged - everything that needs to be replaced will add more time to the project and ramp up costs.

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