What are the average handyperson prices?

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When you need jobs done around your home, finding a reliable handyperson can be just the ticket. The average handyperson hourly rate in the UK is around £30. Rather than employing separate specialists for each of your household jobs, a handyperson can cover the lot. Our guide explores handyperson rates and prices by the job, so you know how much to budget. Prices given are estimates that are accurate as of 2024.

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You need multiple jobs done by an experienced hand. But you don’t want to fork out for multiple professionals to get them done. In that case, you’ll probably be searching for a handyperson, who can undertake a range of household jobs in one go. But have you done your research on how much a handyperson will cost?


We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

Average handyperson costs How long does a handyperson take? How to reduce handyperson costs FAQ Your handyperson checklist

Average handyperson costs  

Sometimes, there are minor jobs in your home that need the expert’s touch. Whether you need help putting up a curtain rail, or a door painted, you want the job done right. The work of a handyperson spans all manner of minor projects, but one with the right experience can be relied on to complete your job efficiently and effectively. 

If you’re searching for a quick summary of the sort of costs you might expect from a handyperson, the table below offers a quick overview. But if it’s a more comprehensive look at handyperson costs you need before embarking on your search, then read on. 

Core handyperson jobs Average price 
Average handyperson cost per hour£30
handyperson minimum call-out fee£40
Assemble flat pack furniture £70
Put up curtain pole£45
Put up basic shelves (x8)£150
Woodwork painting£100
Minor electric or plumbing work£60

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How much does a handyperson cost?

You can find a handyperson in pretty much every spot across the country. They’re really useful for helping you get little jobs over the line; the things that may seem minor but will make the world of difference to your home. 

Take assembling furniture, or putting up some shelves, for example. This could be something that’s a little out of your comfort zone, but that might take a handyperson just a couple of hours. Of course, depending on their skillset and experience, handypeople might have differing price ranges, but you can expect to pay them around £30 to £40 an hour for this sort of work. 

That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of handypeople will have a minimum call-out fee. So, it can make financial sense to nail down all of the jobs you need doing and ask your handyperson to complete them all at the same time. That way, you save yourself paying multiple call-out charges for minor, individual jobs. 

When you’re budgeting for a handyperson, you should also take into account the cost of the materials. If you need a curtain pole put up, it’s assumed that you’ll already have the curtain pole, so make sure you have this conversation with your handyperson before you agree on the job. 

Of course, handypeople do have their limitations. The nature of their work is that they can complete basic jobs that will make improvements to your home and general living conditions. And yes, they can undertake basic electric or plumbing duties, like changing or moving light fittings or draining a radiator. But if the scale of your job goes beyond this, you might want to think about hiring an electrician or plumber instead. 

Cost of a handyperson hanging a curtain pole

No cosy living room is complete without a lovely pair of curtains, and the installation of curtain poles is one of the most common jobs for a handyperson. 

The cost will vary from tradesperson to tradesperson, but you can expect a handyperson to charge you around £40 to £50 to put up a curtain pole. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of the pole and the curtains when you’re budgeting for this job. 

Cost of a handyperson putting up shelves

Shelves can make any room feel much more liveable and practical, while adding a nice aesthetic touch. But putting them up can be a tricky job for people that aren’t experienced in DIY. 

There are plenty of handypeople out there that will be able to do this job for you, though. They’ll charge you for the time spent on the job, so the cost will depend on how many shelves you need putting up. Depending on how many, and how large they are, you can expect to pay a handyperson anywhere between £100 and £200 to put up a set of shelves. 


How long does a handyperson take? 

Often, handypeople will price jobs by the hour, although if it is a more challenging job, they might increase their costs a little, too. But if you’re paying them an hourly rate, then you’ll need to have an idea of how long the job is going to take. Below, we’ve put together a time frame estimate of some of the most common handyperson jobs.

Work  Time  
Jet washing patioOne to two hours
Hanging a curtain pole One to two hours
Assembling flat pack furnitureTwo to four hours
Painting skirting boards and door (includes rubbing down and preparing wood)Three to five hours
Putting up eight shelvesFour to eight hours

How to reduce handyperson costs  

If you’re on a budget but need those odd jobs done, then there are a few ways that you can reduce the costs associated with handyperson work. We’ve outlined some of them below. 

  • Combine jobs: handypeople will usually have a minimum call-out fee. It makes sense, since they’ll have to travel to your home to get the job done. To save yourself on paying the minimum fee every time you need a small job done, wait until you can combine all the jobs at once.  
  • Compare quotes: Every handyperson will have different experience, and there will no doubt be variations in price. Rather than going for the first handyperson that you set eyes on, it can pay to shop around. That way, you’ll be able to find the most affordable person for the job. 


Does a handyperson charge by the hour?

Generally, you’ll find that a handyperson will charge for jobs at an hourly rate rather than offering set prices for jobs. This is because the work they do will often be minor, taking anywhere between one and five hours, so they’ll take on various jobs throughout the day. However, some jobs require more specialist experience than others, so handypeople may up their prices for minor electric or plumbing work. 

What can a handyperson do?

The range of jobs that you can employ a handyperson for is very broad. Generally, a handyperson can help with home improvement jobs that don’t require any legal certification. So, they can help you with fitting shelves or curtain rails, painting doors and skirting boards, or helping you to assemble flat-pack furniture. For more specialist jobs like boiler repairs or installing wiring systems, you should hire a qualified expert. 

How much will a handyperson cost for a woodwork paint job?

Need the final touches made to your living room? The right handyperson will finish the job, sanding and preparing the wood of your skirting boards and door before expertly applying the paint. Like most jobs, the cost will depend on the size of your room. The larger it is, the more time it’ll take, and since handypeople often charge by the hour, you can expect the bill to reflect that. Generally, you can expect the job to take three to five hours, costing £100 to £150

Your handyperson checklist  

As with finding any tradesperson, your own research and preparation is key to making sure you get the right handyperson for the job. Below, we’ve listed a few points to keep front of mind when embarking on your own handyperson search.

  • Search for handypeople in your area: There are reliable handypeople in most areas of the UK, and you can use MyBuilder to find verified tradespeople in your local area quickly. 
  • Check out reviews: Find out whether the handypeople that are available to you have years of experience or are new to the job through their reviews. Their performance on previous jobs, reviewed by real people, will give you a great idea of which handyperson is right for you. 
  • Compare quotes: To make sure you’ve budgeted accordingly for employing a handyperson](https://www.mybuilder.com/advice/hiring/handymen), you can get quotes from those that are available before making an educated decision that suits your price expectations. 
  • Prepare your materials: Unless it’s been pre-arranged with your handyperson, it’s unlikely they’ll be providing the materials they need to finish the job. If you need wooden furniture painted, then you’ll need to pick up the paint beforehand. Similarly, if you’re employing a handyperson to put up shelves or a curtain pole, you’ll need to have them ready for the handyperson to install. 

Use MyBuilder to find reliable handypeople near you. Simply post your job for free on the website, and let tradespeople come to you with a price on the job. Before making your decision, you can check out their reviews to find the right person for you.