How much does garden landscaping cost?

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Want to find out how much garden landscaping costs in the UK? We’ve created a detailed guide, with everything you need to know about different types of garden projects. Please note all garden landscaping costs are estimates that are accurate as of 2024.

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Giving a full assessment of the average landscape gardening job can be tricky, as garden spaces and projects can vary hugely. Landscape gardening projects can range from large, expensive projects, like remodelling whole gardens and installing water features, to smaller, cheaper tasks, like simple mowing and planting.

For the most accurate quotes, make sure to have a clear idea of exactly what you want your landscape gardener to do. Below, we break down the cost of the most common landscape gardening projects, such as decking, laying new turf and more.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average garden landscaping costs
  2. How long does remodelling your garden take?
  3. How to reduce garden remodelling costs
  4. FAQ
  5. Your garden landscaping checklist

Average garden landscaping costs

Your garden is your very own outdoor sanctuary. Whether you want a space to soak up the sun, or want a plant paradise with flowerbeds galore, garden landscapers can help you achieve your dream space. 

But, due to changing seasons and the natural elements, gardens need plenty of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Whether it’s installing new decking or sprucing up your space with a few added features, landscape gardeners can help update and improve your garden. 

Below, we’ve outlined a quick overview of possible landscaping gardening costs. These prices are all averages, however, so if you want a more detailed breakdown of garden landscaping costs, keep reading.

Core garden landscaping jobsAverage price range
Remodelling your garden £5,000 to £10,000
Garden clearance£68 per hour 
Mowing and treating lawns £25 per hour
Laying turf£10 to £30 per m²
Laying artificial grass£30 to £60 per m²
Fitting a new patio£45 to £75 per m²
Installing decking £150 to £200 per m²
Installing a water feature£450 per feature
Installing raised flower beds£200 to £300 for cedarwood raised bed
Planting pots and hanging baskets£30 per hour
Building fencing£1,450 to £,1850
Installing garden steps £150 to £200

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How much does remodelling your garden cost?

While some gardens might just need the lawn treated or hedge trimmed, others will require a complete clear-out and remodelling. If you’re getting stuck in and doing most of the work yourself, or leaving your garden to the professionals, paying a landscape gardener helps make the process a bit less daunting. Often, gardening work can be very labour intensive, so if you’re short on time, hiring a landscape gardener can help you achieve your ideal outdoor space quicker. 

Depending on the size and scale of your garden transformation, you can expect to pay between £5,000 and £10,000. Often, the cost of hiring a landscape gardener will vary based on the size and scale of the project, as well as any features you’ll be adding, such as a patio or a pond or fountain. 

There are factors that might increase the price of your garden remodel. For example, if your garden needs an extensive remodel, then you’ll need to factor in the cost of any chosen materials such as wooden fencing or turf, as well as labour costs if a team of landscape gardeners are brought in. Other factors that might affect cost include having a sloped or uneven garden. If this is the case, you may need to spend more, should you decide to create a terraced garden in your outdoor space. Special machinery may be required, and you’ll need to pay for the materials used to separate each area.

Cost of garden clearance

With the changing of the seasons, outdoor maintenance can quickly become daunting. Whether it’s a wildly overgrown lawn or shrubbery that’s got out of control, hiring a landscape gardener to clear your outdoor space can take the pressure off. 

Landscape gardeners will usually charge by the hour, and the cost will depend on whether you’re hiring a team or just an individual. For a team of three, you can expect to pay around £68 per hour for garden clearance. If your garden is quite large, or needs an extensive clear out, you may need to hire a skip, which will add a cost of £265

Cost of mowing and treating lawns

A freshly mowed lawn creates more space in your area to relax and unwind in the sun. By hiring a garden landscaper, you can also get your lawn treated, so that it maintains its health and colour for many summers to come. 

The average price for mowing and lawn treatment is around £25 per hour, or £20 per 100m²

Cost of laying turf

If your lawn is in a state of disrepair, or you fancy adding a lawn space into your paved garden, laying turf can be a fantastic option to transform your outdoor space.

Turf is usually priced based on the size of your garden. So, for laying turf, you can expect to pay between £10 and £30 per m². Prices will also vary based on what type of turf you decide to lay, with differences in grass types and durability. 

Laying artificial grass

Although having a freshly cut, brightly coloured lawn is a wonderful feature in your outdoor space, they often require a lot of work. By laying artificial grass, you can create the same effect as having a real lawn, without the high maintenance. 

Artificial grass is highly durable and can instantly improve the look of your outdoor space, without having to nurture it to grow. However, it’s worth noting that artificial grass comes with some setbacks. For example, artificial grass retains heat, making it dangerous for pets or children during the summer. When planning changes to your outdoor space, do consider your options, and discuss with your garden landscaper what will work best for you and your garden. 

Artificial grass is usually priced by the size and space of your garden. Most quotes for artificial grass will be around £30 to £60 per m².

Fitting a new patio 

A patio is a great place for outdoor dining or to increase your garden’s usability. There are many different processes that go into a patio, such as digging out and levelling the area, laying a membrane, filling it with sand, laying slabs and finishing with mortar. With all these processes in mind, you can expect to pay £45 to £75 per m².

Depending on the area you live in, prices can increase based on availability of materials, as well as labour costs. In London and other major cities, landscape gardener costs are likely to be higher than in smaller towns. 

Installing a new decking

Much like a patio, decking provides greater usability in your outdoor space, while also giving a soft and natural feel. Decking can include a variety of features including stairs, railings and elevation from the ground level. All these features can increase its costs, but on average, you can expect to pay £150 to £200 per m².

Wooden decking needs to be properly treated though, so that it can remain durable throughout the changing seasons. This may involve extra costs but could save you from rotting wood in the long run, so be sure to ask your garden landscaper what they recommend.

Cost of installing a water feature

A water feature can add calm and tranquillity to your garden, helping you to relax in your outdoor space. The average cost to install a water feature is around £450. However, as water features can vary hugely in size, you may have added costs associated with clearing out your space, excavating the area (for a pond or ground feature) or adding a water supply, depending on which feature you choose.

Below, we’ve created a table to summarise potential costs associated with a water feature: 

Water feature installation  Average cost
Clearing garden space for installation£25 per m²
Excavation £150 per m³
Paving (if desired)£65 per m²
Water installation£150 per installation
Electrical supply£10 per m²
Electrical installation and test£150 per installation

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Cost of installing raised flower beds

Raised beds are a wonderful way to add fresh plants, flowers and vegetation into your garden. Raised beds can be made from cedar, brick or limestone. Below, we’ve outlined the costs you can expect depending on what material you use:

Type of raised bedAverage cost
Cedar wood raised bed£200 to £300
Brick raised bed£300 to £500
Limestone raised bed£500 to £600

Cost of planting pots and hanging baskets

Potted plants and hanging baskets can add a vibrancy to your outdoor space, which helps keep your garden looking beautiful year-round. Usually, landscape gardeners will charge per hour for planting and sowing seeds, so you will usually pay around £30 per hour

Cost of building fencing 

Fencing is an essential part of any outdoor space and provides a stylish border for your garden. The average cost to install fencing is between £1,450 and £1,850. However, costs can vary based on the size of your garden and the type of materials you’re using. Below, we’ve included expected costs for different materials:

Types of fencing  Average cost
Feather board/close board fencing£30 to £60 per panel
Post and rail fencing£50 to £70 per panel
Concrete/timber fence posts£15 to £36 per post

Cost of installing garden steps 

If you have a sloped garden, or just want to add dimension, garden steps can be a great way to move about your outdoor space. The average cost of installing garden steps in the UK is £150 to £200. However, this cost will change depending on the size of your garden and the materials that you choose to use.


How long does remodelling your garden take?

It’s also worth keeping in mind how long landscape gardening projects could take. Here’s how long a full garden transformation would be, as well as other smaller tasks. 

Remodelling your gardenTwo weeks to six months, depending on the size of the garden and project
Garden clearanceOne day to a week
Mowing and treating lawnsTwo to four hours
Laying turfTwo to three hours
Laying artificial grassTwo to three hours
Fitting a new patioTwo to three days
Installing deckingOne to two days
Installing a water featureTwo to three days
Installing raised flower bedsOne to two days
Planting pots and hanging basketsTwo to four hours
Building fencingOne to three days
Installing garden stepsTwo to three days

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How to reduce garden remodelling costs

Want to transform your outdoor space, but keep costs low? Here are a few ways that you can save money while enjoying a newly remodelled garden space.

  • Source materials and items yourself – If you want to decrease costs, finding your own supplies can be a great way to save money. By shopping around at local plant nurseries and DIY stores, you can browse sales and shop the best deals. After you’ve saved money on materials, you can rely on a trusted professional to complete the job safely and to an excellent standard.
  • Explore cheaper and more gradual options – Although a full garden transformation is tempting, it might not always be within budget to complete a full remodel. Instead, it might be better to slowly replace and transform different parts of your outdoor space. For example, you can start by repotting or replacing tired looking plants and shrubbery. Then, you can slowly move onto adding a patio or a water feature. You can keep adding to your garden slowly, and local professionals can guide you through each step. 
  • Do it yourself – Often, garden landscaping can be labour intensive, and time consuming. However, smaller jobs, such as garden clearing or planting, can easily be done yourself. So, if you take time to complete smaller, more manageable tasks, you can hire a professional landscape gardener to help redesign your outside space, construct larger garden structures, or to advise on maintaining your garden throughout the seasons. 
  • Find a reliable tradesperson – Often, hiring a reliable tradesperson can save you money in the long term. If you have poorly constructed decking, or your patio paving isn’t structurally sound, this could be dangerous and difficult to amend. By hiring a qualified landscape gardener you can ensure that large scale projects are completed to a good standard, so that you can avoid unnecessary costs trying to fix broken down garden features. 


Which landscaping gardening tasks can I do myself?

If you’re looking to transform your garden on a budget, doing a few tasks yourself can be a great way to save money. But it’s worth noting that there are some jobs and projects that are best handled by professionals. These tasks are usually referred to as hard landscaping. This tends to include installing fences, ponds, patios and any other garden structures. To make sure that these structures are installed carefully and are structurally sound, these tasks will usually require someone with professional know-how. 

If you’re going to complete any landscape gardening tasks yourself, it’s best to complete tasks considered soft landscaping. This includes potting plants, clearing weeds and sowing seeds for vegetation. For bigger, more complex projects, it’s best to leave this to reliable tradespeople who have previous experience. 

What’s the best time of year to undertake landscape gardening work?

The best time of year to under landscape gardening work depends on what you have in mind. If you’re adding new vegetation or shrubbery, the best time to do this is autumn, as plants will have time to acclimatise and create a productive growing season in spring. 

For decking, patios and fencing, most of this work can be done through all seasons. However, if you’re keen to leave local wildlife undisturbed, taking on a sizeable garden transformation in winter is best, as this is when you are least likely to affect animal habitats or routines. 

How do you create a low maintenance garden?

Maintaining a neatly trimmed lawn or tending to plants can be time consuming, and it can be difficult to keep up throughout the year. But there are ways to have a beautiful garden without the high maintenance. 

One of the ways you can do this is through planting shrubbery and evergreen plants that will last throughout all seasons. This will save you time on replanting each season. 

Another way to create a low maintenance garden is through installing raised beds. Raised beds look neat, reduce weed growth and create a natural drainage system, which makes growing plants easier. 

If a neatly mowed lawn is too much hassle, you can encourage wildflowers and other vegetation to grow instead, so that your lawn can be repurposed as a self-sustaining habitat for insects and wildlife. 


Your garden landscaping checklist

  • Consider what type of outdoor space works best for you: When choosing what changes to make, consider what kind of garden is best suited to you and your lifestyle. For example, if you’ll struggle to devote time to a well-manicured lawn, opting for raised beds might be a better option. Equally, if you have pets or small children, it might be better to opt for sturdy outdoor structures, rather than delicate water features or plants that are highly sensitive. When hiring a landscape gardener, you can get guidance and talk through the best options for you and your home.
  • Be realistic about your budget: While its tempting to plan an ambitious garden transformation in time for summer, its worth being realistic about your budget. While there are many ways to transform your garden cheaply, it might be worth breaking projects into stages, to make it easier to anticipate cost.
  • Hire a professional for hard landscaping: Its best to rely on professionals for the more complicated elements of landscape gardening. While many soft landscaping jobs can easily be done yourself, choosing someone with plenty of experience is the best way to achieve a high-quality, beautiful outdoor environment. 

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