How much does demolition cost?

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Sometimes when you’re planning a home improvement project, you need to go back to square one. If that’s the case, you might need to look at the cost of a demolition job, so you can knock it down and start rebuilding. The average cost for a demolition job in the UK is around £7,000. However, there’s plenty to consider when you’re exploring a house demolition cost, so we’ve created this helpful guide to help you budget for your job. Please note that all prices and estimates in this guide are accurate as of 2024.

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As far as construction jobs go, demolition can be a fairly complex and expensive process. So, it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research on demolition costs and hiring the right person, before you proceed with your project.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average demolition costs
  2. How much does a demolition job cost?
  3. How long does a demolition take?
  4. How to reduce demolition costs
  5. FAQ
  6. Your demolition checklist

Average demolition costs   

You’ve got your demolition project in mind. But you need professional help to execute it. It all comes at a cost, but the price you pay for a demolition job can vary massively depending on the size of the structure you’re looking to knock down. Some people may want to knock an entire house down and build on the land, while others could be looking at a garage demolition, or demolishing a section of a house to build an extension. 

Whatever your plans, you’ll need to have a solid idea of how much to budget for your demolition job. Our table below offers some top-level average costings for the most common demolition jobs. But if you want a more substantial drill-down into demolition costs, as well as some other considerations surrounding your demolition project, then read on. 

Core demolition jobs   Average price   
Small house (80 to 120m2)£7,000
Large house (200 to 250m2)£20,000
Load-bearing wall£1,500

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How much does a demolition job cost? 

There are demolition specialists across the UK on hand to support your project with their expertise. A demolition job can look very different to the majority of construction jobs, and although every job will be different, the universal truth is that it’s crucial to use an experienced tradesperson to make sure your project runs smoothly. 

With this in mind, let’s consider the costs you might incur as part of your demolition project. The average cost to demolish a house can range from £4,750 to more than £27,000, depending on its size. Often the job will be priced per square foot, with prices around £55 to £165 per square foot for smaller projects and £80 to £115 per square foot for larger projects. A garage demolition cost would be more in the range of £1,000 to £3,000, while the concrete demolition cost of a single, load-bearing wall could be anywhere between £1,200 and £2,000.  

Whether you pay your demolition specialists by the day or per week will depend on the scope of the job. But remember that the actual demolition you’re looking to execute is only a part of the project. The tradesperson you employ will also be disposing of the materials, so haulage and landfill fees will factor into the final cost. 

Cost of deck demolition

The dismantling or demolition of decking in your garden is likely to be a less costly, less waste-heavy project than a house or garage. That said, it can still help to have an expert on the job. Whether you’ve decided to use the square footage space for something else, or simply want to do a full replacement of your decking, the full cost of deck demolition will be anywhere from £100 to £500. 

Cost of waste disposal

You can expect the disposal of waste from your demolition project to be included in the cost of a demolition specialist. However, how much of that overall fee will be spent on waste disposal? While there are some variable factors involved, such as the weight and the type of waste you need removed, waste disposal alone will cost from around £60 to £90 an hour for manual clearance. Skip hire, meanwhile, is around £300.  

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How long does a demolition take?  

The demolition of a house, extension or garage is likely just one, early stage of your overall project. With that in mind, you’ll want to know how long the demolition is likely to take. Like every aspect of a construction project, it all depends on scale. But as a rule of thumb, you can expect a house demolition job to take anywhere from four to eight days, or one to two days for a garage, both including the removal of waste.  

How to reduce demolition costs   

A demolition job is no mean feat, and it’s something that generally requires an expert. A demolition specialist will also have streamlined access to the resources required for waste removal, which will generally make it easier than hiring a skip yourself. That being said, there are ways to reduce the cost of your demolition project, helping you stick to your budget.

  • Salvaged materials: With the disposal of materials taking up a sizeable portion of the cost of demolition, reducing this cost can be a real money saver. The best way to do so is to offset the price by allowing contractors to salvage reusable materials; things like bricks that can be repurposed for future jobs. 
  • Hire your own skip: If you’re willing to get rid of the waste, you can get a cheaper quote from the demolition expert and arrange the rental of a skip yourself. You can shop around for the best price on this too, if you want to maximise savings. 
  • Compare quotes: The best way to reduce the cost of almost any job that requires a contractor is to compare quotes. MyBuilder makes it easy; simply post your job, wait for responses and then compare quotes to get the best price. 


How much does it cost to demolish a single wall?

Demolition projects can take many forms, and that can include the removal of one single wall to create an open plan space or make room for an extension. This will naturally cost less than a large-scale demolition, but it’s worth noting that if it’s a load-bearing wall, you will need to apply for a building notice and have the building inspected. Both of these things will increase the cost. Without these though, the cost for a wall demolition will be around £1,500. 

What factors will impact the cost of a demolition project?

Naturally, the scale of your project is the biggest determining factor in how much the project will cost. The larger the house you want to demolish, the more you can expect to pay. But other factors should also be taken into account; different locations will see varying prices from demolition experts, with cities like London and Birmingham seeing higher costs than more rural areas. Plus, if there are any restrictions to make the job more challenging, like demolition in a built-up urban area, the quotes you receive will probably be higher than average. 

Can I perform a demolition myself?

Demolition is, by its nature, a difficult and often dangerous job that should only be undertaken by specialists. Unless you are qualified, you shouldn’t undertake a large demolition job yourself, and you should think about expert assistance even if you only need a single wall removed. 

Your demolition checklist   

Like any project you’re looking to invest time and money in, you should always make sure you’ve prepared accordingly. We’ve listed a few key points below, which can serve as helpful guidance for your demolition project. 

  • Do your research: Most demolition of residential property falls under ‘permitted development’, but you should check with your local authority that you aren’t restricted in any way before proceeding. 
  • Work out your budget: How much do you have to spend on this stage of your wider project? This is important to calculate before you get a tradesperson involved. If your budget is tight, you may need to do some of the graft yourself, like hiring a skip and clearing the waste. 
  • Shop around: You don’t need to opt for the first demolition expert that contacts you. Once you’ve posted your job on MyBuilder, you can compare the quotes as they come in, to work out which of them sit in your budget.
  • Read the reviews: You want someone with the right experience to undertake your demolition job. Through MyBuilder you can check out verified reviews of demolition specialists, checking whether they’ve completed a project like yours before, and have generally been a reliable person to work with. 

MyBuilder takes the stress out of finding a reliable demolition specialist in your area. All you need to do is post your job on the website for free, then wait for tradespeople to get in touch with you with a quote. With reviews at your disposal, you’re in the best position possible to make the right call.