How much does it cost to repair a chimney?

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Wondering how much your chimney repair job is going to cost you? The average cost to repair a chimney in the UK is around £750. This article covers prices for everything from repointing brickwork to replacing flashing, explores likely completion timeframes for different jobs and answers your frequently asked questions. Note that all estimates are accurate as of 2024.

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If you’re a homeowner with a chimney, you should have an idea of how much it might cost you to fix that element of your home. Chimney repair jobs can vary in price and complexity depending on the type of damage that has occurred, the design of your chimney and the accessibility of your roof.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average chimney repair costs
  2. How to reduce your chimney repair costs
  3. FAQ
  4. Your chimney repair specialist checklist

Average chimney repair costs

Many things could go wrong with your chimney, from damaged mortar joints and bricks to water leaks and chilly cracks. The average total chimney repair cost is £750 in the UK, but this is unlikely to be exactly what you pay. Every job (and every home) is different, and numerous types of repair fall under the remit of a chimney and fireplace specialist.

This table outlines the likely costs for various repair jobs, from a small area of repointing to a total replacement of the chimney flue.

Chimney repair jobAverage price/price range
Raking out existing mortar£35 per m2
Repointing an area of brickwork£55 per m2
Repointing an area of stonework£80 per m2
Repointing an entire chimney stack£500 to £1,000
Replacing chimney flashing/leadwork£350 to £460 for supply and labour
Replacing a chimney flue/lining£800 to £1,500
Patching and repairing cracks£150 to £250 per day for labour
Replacing damaged bricks/stones/chimney pots£150 to £250 per day for labour (additional material costs applicable)
Hiring scaffolding£300 for a tower, £20 per square metre

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This should be a helpful starting point when budgeting for a repair, but it’s crucial to note that these figures are only averages based on existing data. The same will be true of any chimney repair cost calculator that you find online. The best person to give you an accurately priced quote for chimney repair work is a qualified tradesperson in your area.

How much does a chimney repair cost?

Overall, a chimney repair could cost about £50 or upwards of £1,000, depending on numerous factors. Any of the following might impact the price you pay:

  • The level of damage to be repaired and/or current state of your chimney
  • Your chimney size and type (e.g., brick versus stone)
  • Your leadwork size and type
  • The ease of access to your chimney and whether scaffolding will be required

If looking into hiring a tradesperson to fix your chimney has you considering the DIY route to save money, we’d caution that even a job that seems simple could be more complex than you think.

Cost to repoint a chimney

Repointing is the renewal of external mortar joints, which are prone to weathering and cracking over time and slowly becoming less waterproof. Repointing tends to be more costly if your chimney is made of stone rather than brick.

The cost estimates you’ll find online for repointing are generally based on the approximately £200 daily rate of a roofer, the cost of materials and the cost of erecting scaffolding. You’ll likely pay £500 to £1,000 for an extensive repointing job. For smaller areas of mortar patching, you’ll be charged somewhere from £55 to £80 per square metre.

Cost of replacing flashing

Flashing is a form of waterproofing in which metal strips are placed around joints between the chimney and the roof to prevent any moisture from seeping through. Flashing can become ineffective and require replacement if damaged. This table breaks down the different applicable replacement costs.

Type of workMaterial costLabour costTotal cost
Replacing chimney flashing on a property where scaffolding isn’t required£250 to £310£100 to £150£350 to £460
Replacing chimney flashing on a property where scaffolding is required£500 to £620£200 to £300£700 to £920

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Cost of replacing a chimney flue

The cost to fully replace a damaged or non-functional chimney flue could be anywhere from £800 to £1,500, depending on the size of your chimney and your chosen lining material. A specialist will be able to advise you on which of the following would work best for your chimney:

  • A pumice liner, usually around £900
  • A concrete liner, usually around £900
  • A steel liner, usually around £700
  • A clay liner, usually around £900

How long does repairing a chimney take?

With a better idea of chimney fixing costs to inform your budgeting, you may now wonder how long a repair will take once you’ve found a tradesperson. As with the price of a repair, the timeframe for one depends on the scale and complexity of the job. This table details average timeframes for each area of repair.

 Chimney repair jobUsual timeframe
Repointing or patch repairHalf a day to three days depending on the damage level and the chimney size
Replacing a chimney flueOne to five days depending on the chosen lining system
Replacing chimney flashingHalf a day to one day maximum
Scaffolding setupTwo to four hours

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How to reduce your chimney repair costs

If you need to repair your chimney but would like to reduce the cost of doing so, check out our price-reducing tips and tricks.

  • Gather and compare quotes from specialists: Don’t accept the first quote you get without comparing prices between specialists and confirming you’re getting a fair deal for the work you need to get done.
  • Invest in maintenance: If you can keep your chimney well maintained, you’ll reduce the likelihood of repairs being needed (or at least reduce their total cost). Hire a chimney sweep to clean your flue regularly, and occasionally perform a visual inspection with binoculars.
  • Remove non-essentials wherever possible: If you’ve received a quote that feels too steep, talk through it with a specialist and confirm which parts of the job are 100% essential and whether any element could potentially be left alone for the time being.


Can I repair my own chimney?

While we’re all for saving money and taking a DIY approach where appropriate, we don’t recommend it here. Chimney repairs are a specialist type of work requiring training and experience, and there’s a strong chance your home insurance won’t cover you for DIY chimney fixes.

Who do I hire to fix my chimney?

A chimney and fireplace specialist should be your first port of call if you have an issue with your chimney specifically, though there’s a chance you’ll also need to call in a roofer if further damage to your roof structure is present.

Do I need planning permission for chimney repairs?

In most cases, if flues remain a metre or less above the highest part of the roof, no planning permission will be needed to repair your chimney. If your building is listed or you live in a conservation area, check with your local council and confirm this before getting started.

Your chimney repair specialist checklist

If you’ve never sourced a tradesperson to repair your chimney in the past, you may be unsure about the hiring process and what to look out for. Follow our checklist to ensure confidence and certainty in the specialist you select.

  • Post your job for free on MyBuilder: Share your chimney issues on our site for free in the form of a job post, and we’ll send it out to tradespeople in your area, allowing skilled professionals to register their interest.
  • Look for relevant experience and useful qualifications: Browse each interested specialist’s profile on MyBuilder. Look to their work history for experience with repair work similar to your job and qualifications that will be useful for your job.
  • Check past customer reviews: MyBuilder tradesperson profiles also come with verified reviews from past customers, which you can browse to confirm you’ll get what you deserve, not just in terms of the repair work but in terms of communication and customer service.

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