The average cost of a double glazed
window in the UK is around £750
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How much do double glazed windows cost?

The double glazed window costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Nowadays, double glazing is the standard for the windows in our homes, offering better insulation for both heat and sound, keeping the warmth in and unwanted street noise out. Their ubiquity has meant double glazing costs have fallen over the years, but it is always worth knowing what kind of prices are involved before starting your own project.


uPVC double glazing window prices

Small uPVC double-glazed windows, which are made up of two layers of glass with a layer or gas in between, surrounded by a plastic frame, can cost as little as £200 for a simple casement window. Larger windows will cost between £400 and £600. For an average three-bedroom semi-detached home, the cost may vary from around £2,500 to over £6,000 depending on the number and size of windows you want to install.

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Wooden double glazing window prices

Wooden, or timber window frames, can be divided into softwoods, such as pine, and hardwoods, such as oak. Hardwoods will be more durable, but will be more expensive to install. The very cheapest wooden window will probably begin at £800, and that will be a small casement window made from softwood. At the top end, a large window made from hardwoods could cost as much as £4,000. Replacing the windows in a house can cost around £10,000 with cheaper woods, and around £15,000 for hardwoods, though this is at the lower end of the spectrum - prices can escalate massively if using less common woods.

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As with many home improvement projects, it is worth getting multiple quotes, from local suppliers and installers as well as larger chains. A good window fitter will be able to talk you through all the possible options and work within your budget to find the perfect products for you.

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