The average cost of repairing
a boiler is around £250
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How much do boiler repairs cost in 2022?

All boiler repair costs in this article are correct as of 2022

When our boilers are working as they should be, we barely notice them - it’s only when something goes wrong that we need to think about them, and the potentia costs involved in getting them working again. Regular services can help keep a boiler running for years, but problems can still occur, and sometimes repairs can fend off the need for a full boiler replacement. The average cost of boiler repairs vary based on a number of factors - this article breaks some of them down.


Does my boiler need repairing?

There are a number of common issues that can indicate your boiler is in need of some TLC.

If you reguarly have your boiler serviced then you should hopefully be able to head off most problems before they become too serious. Most experts recommend getting your boiler serviced annually.

However, problems can still occur between services, and if a problem is spotted during the service then repairs may be needed. Common issues to look out for include if the boiler is leaking, if the pilot light is yellow rather than blue, if it is making unusual noises like banging or clanking, if it keeps switching off or is unable to hold pressure, or if it producing a smell. If you spot any of these, you should hire an expert immediately to address the problem.

How much does it cost to repair a boiler?

Given the range of different repairs that a boiler can need, it is hard to put a figure on repairs, but the average cost of repairing a boiler will range from around £100 to £500 depending on the kind of problem.

Common repairs might include cleaning or replacing a particular part that has failed, but the price will depend on the part. For example, if the flue is damaged and need replacing, it could cost around £150 to supply and fit a new one, but a damaged heat exchanger could cost more than £400 to replace.

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As well as the different parts that need replacing, other factors will impact the overall cost of boiler repairs. If your boiler is older, for example more than 10 years old, then it may be that specific replacement parts may be harder to come by, which will increase the price.

The make and complexity of the boiler can also make a difference - larger combi boilers will typically be more expensive to repair than conventional boilers.

Your location will also make a difference - engineers in London will charge more than in other parts of the country. Larger, nationwide firms also tend to be more expensive than independent businesses.

Many boiler repair jobs will be covered under warranty or other insurance products you can buy, either from your boiler manufacturer, utility supplier or home insurer.


Boiler repair labour costs

Boiler engineers can charge in two different ways for boiler repairs - a fixed fee, or by the hour. A fixed fee will work like a boiler service charge, it will be a set amount to perform the correct repair, based on a quick inspection and a quote. This shouldn’t change, even if the job takes longer than they originally anticipated.

A timed fee, or hourly rate, will be based on how long the repair takes to carry out. Gas engineers might charge between £60 and £100 for an hourly fee, or more in London, or charge that amount for the first hour then less for subsequent hours. Some may charge an initial call-out fee as well, so the bill can add up.

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How long do boiler repairs take?

As with the costs, the length of time it takes to repair a boiler will depend on the kind of repair that is needed. Simply replacing a single part can be carried out in an hour or two, while a more complex repair, involving multiple parts, could take a day or more. Bear in mind, the engineer may need to visit a specialist supplier to find the correct part, or order them to install a few days later



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