The average cost for hiring a
handyman is around £20 to £30 per hour
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How much does a handyman cost?

The handyman costs in this article are correct as of 2022

When you have small or quick jobs around the home, a handyman is often the best person to tackle them. Aside from tasks like electrical work and particularly gas work, where tradespeople should be able to demonstrate their legal ability to perform the work, handymen can turn their hands to all manner of things, from putting up shelves, to hanging doors, to painting walls. However, with such a variety of jobs in their repertoire, it can be hard to know what sort of prices you might expect to pay when you hire a handyman. This guide has been put together to help show you what typical prices might be, before you book in your job.


Handyman cost calculator

Most handymen will charge by the hour, setting an hourly rate that will apply regardless of the kind of work they do. For independent handymen who work by themselves, a typical hourly rate is likely to be somewhere between £20 and £30 per hour, with the cost likely to be at the higher end in London and other cities where demand is usually higher.

Many handymen may charge a premium for the first hour of their time - as they will still incur travel and other costs for this, even if the job is completed very quickly - with a smaller hourly rate for every subsequent hour. If you have a particularly large job, or a number of jobs that need completing, which are likely to take a whole working day (seven to eight hours), then a handyman may also be able to quote a day rate, which may work out cheaper than charging at their usual hourly rate if agreed in advance.

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There are also larger firms out there who subcontract work to individual handymen - according to our research, these firms tend to be significantly more expensive to use, with hourly rates as much as £60 per hour.


Other costs

Depending on the kind of job, handymen may need to purchase materials. While this can work out cheaper, if they are purchasing at a trade discount and passing this saving on to you, it is also normal for handymen to make some profit from this, as it saves you the time and effort of tracking down and shopping around for particular elements. 



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