The average cost to clean
a gutter is £4 per metre
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How much does it cost to clean a gutter?

The gutter cleaning costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Allowing dirt, leaves, twigs and other residue to build up in your home’s gutters can cause big problems down the line, leading to leaks, water damage, and many other issues that can run into the thousands of pounds to repair. Keeping them clean and allowing water to flow freely through them is vital, but given their inaccessibility, it often makes sense to hire a professional to carry this out. If you’re wondering how much gutter cleaning might cost, we’ve compiled this guide to show you what kind of prices are involved.


Gutter cleaning costs

Gutters can either be cleaned in the old-fashioned way - getting up to roofline on a ladder or a cherry picker, and cleaning out the waste before cleaning the gutters down - or with the more modern method, using a specialised vacuum system on a pole which can access the gutters from ground-level.

There are several tradespeople who could clean gutters - guttering specialists, who install, repair and maintain fascias, soffits and guttering would be able to carry out the work, especially if there are sections that need replacing or upgrading. Some roofers will also carry out the work, while handymen and window cleaners will also be likely to do it.

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A good ballpark price for gutter cleaning is around £4 per metre of gutter. If you are in a small terraced house, with only around 5m of gutter, the price would be roughly £20, but some firms may charge a minimum fee of more than this to make the job worth their while - a minimum of around £40 would be fairly typical. On larger properties, with guttering running around all sides of the building, prices can easily reach £120 or more.

If their accessibility issues with some gutters, then there may be additional costs.



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