The average cost of a chimney
sweep in the UK is £50 to £80
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How much does a chimney sweep cost?

The chimney sweep costs in this article are correct as of 2022

A working fireplace can make your home feel properly homely, giving a warm and comforting centrepiece to any living room. However, any fireplace, whether it’s fully open, or a coal or wood-burning stove, needs to be well maintained to keep it working well and safely - and that means cleaning the chimney. The image of the traditional chimney sweep is one that comes straight out of Mary Poppins, so many people don’t know how modern chimney sweeps work, or how much chimney sweeps cost; this guide will show you what a typical chimney sweep price is, and what you can expect to pay.


Chimney cleaning costs

Chimney sweeps typically charge per job. It is generally a straightforward job, assuming there are no abnormal blockages such as a bird that has become trapped or a large bird’s nest. On average, we have found that a chimney sweep will cost £50 to £80 in most parts of the country, and closer to £90 or more in London.

The process does not usually take long to carry out. Sweeps will prepare the space to minimise any mess before carrying out the clean, running brushes throughout the length of the chimney or flue to clear out any obstructions or blockages that could cause fires or impact the good running of the fireplace.


Chimneys should generally be cleaned once a year to ensure they are maintained and kept in good working order. If you have a wood burning chimney, it may be advisable to clean the chimney more often, especially during the colder months when you will be using the fire more often. If you move into a property with a chimney, it is worth hiring a chimney sweep to inspect the chimney and carry out a clean, especially if you plan to use the fireplace, as it is unlikely that you will know when it has last been cleaned.

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Other chimney cleaning costs to consider

If your chimney has sustained a more serious blockage or damage, such as a bird’s nest being built atop the chimney which has fallen inside the flue, you may need to replace the chimney cowl, the guard which sits over the top of the chimney to prevent objects falling in. Cowls typically cost around £30 to £50 depending on the design and the materials, while hiring someone to fit it will cost around £150 to £200 if they can access the chimney via a ladder, or more if scaffolding or a cherry picker is needed.

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