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Some of our top rated decking installers in Knutsford

  • Cheshire Decking and Joinery Ltd
    Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9562 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    Cheshire Decking and Joinery Ltd is a family run business, having over a decade of experience in joinery and timber. Offering services across Cheshire, Manchester and Staffordshire, from decking and fencing to creation of garden offices and wooden outbuildings. Inside the home we offer fitted kitchens and wardrobes, doors, wooden mouldings such as architrave and skirting plus much more.We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship coupled with competitive pricing.

    Latest review:
    We're very pleased indeed with the work Darren did for us. Communication was good, and he arrived on time to begin the job. Overall, the job represents excellent value for money. Constructive feedback: Darren was rushed at times, and there was certainly scope to have costed for an additional day or two.
    Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9597 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    BALI Accredited (British Association of Landscape Industries) LANTRA Accredited. Contemporary Landscape Designers (Supply Design & Construct) Fully Insured. Both Public and Indemnity 10.000.000. Designers Installation & Construct for a complete turnkey of Contemporary landscaping & Artificial Grass projects. Contemporary Landscapes Design & Build. Professional Paving Installers Wall Flowers and Flooring Systems Children's Playgrounds - Gyms Residential Commercial N/West / Nationwide

    Latest review:
    Excellent work and a great team. Very happy with the results
  • Scape Garden Services
    Rating: 5 out of 5554 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    Welcome to Scape Garden Services we are a Landscaping and Garden maintenance business based in Altrincham with over 25 years of dedicated experience working in and around the area. We understand that clarity is key when it comes to pricing, and that's why our pricing structure is completely transparent. No hidden costs, no surprises – just honest and straightforward quotes that reflect the value you deserve. Contact Scape Garden Services today for your free Quotation.

    Latest review:
    Brilliant service and job well done very productive lads just cracked on and got the job done no issues. Very reasonable price too. 👍
  • Peachbottom Arboriculture and Wildlife Garden Design
    Rating: 5 out of 5553 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    We carry out all aspects of tree surgery and garden designs that incorporate benefits to local wildlife while providing the best design ideas to the customer.

    Latest review:
    Garden Maintenance-
    Oliver was very punctual and came out to inspect the plot on the day and exact time we set. We agreed he would come back the following day to complete the work. I felt confident leaving him with the allotment key so he could let himself in the following morning. It took him all day to clear the plot and I was very, very happy with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oliver to family and friends, and would definitely use him again. Thanks Oliver. Diana H
  • Whitelegg Joinery & Roofing
    Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9548 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    I have been in building trade over 25 years started on wood machining , designed and fitting kitchens ' I have also been a foreman for barn conversions and extension of lach-dennis village hall , fitted floorings of solid and veenered , benchhand joinery , fixing and finishing through out all stages of site works I do regular works for Belvoir letting and dentist shops locally ; roofing I have grps fibre glass roofing and rubber roofing courses tiled and slated roofs .

    Latest review:
    Jason did a fantastic job fitting 4 internal doors for us. He showed up on time. Great communication and quality work. Would not hesitate to hire him again for any future jobs and would highly recommend him!
  • Myles Flannigan

    No reviews yet

    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    I’ve worked with my dad and my brother for many years in property developments and still do as a full time job but would like to do private work in my spare time I do all types of ground work such as block paving brickwork all types of drainage kerb laying axcavating landscaping I’ve done many property developments in the past so have plenty of experience 👍🏻

  • Ryan mchugh

    No reviews yet

    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    I usually gut buildings ,fencing, drainage, groundworks , turfing , flagging, block paving, stud walling and may be convinced to undertake other projects

  • BRT Holdings Ltd
    Rating: 5 out of 5553 reviews
    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    Established in 2014. We recently changed our name from The Best Decking Company to Altrincham Decks as we wanted to emphasise we are a small, local business based in Altrincham that specialises in small to medium sized decking projects. Typically around 10 to 40 sqm decks in either Timber or Composite (WPC). We are a quality driven decking installation company servicing Altrincham and the surrounding 5-10 km area. We design, supply the materials and build your deck, and all guaranteed.

    Latest review:
    From beginning to end i knew id hired the very best of everyone. An absolute diamond of a man inside and out. He's done an outstanding job of decking my whole garden and im absolutely delighted with every aspect of the job. Im so happy with what Ben has done i felt like sleeping out there last night! only its cold and its winter! oh and poor Ben had to put up with my endless chatter, my Yorkshire tea and M & S biscuits! I can honestly say everything was worth it and done at a very reasonable price. Thank god for The Best Decking Company coz they really are!
  • Sp Landscapes Ltd

    No reviews yet

    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    landscapers based in south Manchester we cover all area's of the UK with a fantastic background as an artificial grass installer,block paving, decking and all other aspects of gardening, and have many exp behind us in doing so in all fields of gardening Sp landscapes has become a reputable and well-known service provider. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work

  • Page & Co Construction

    No reviews yet

    Decking Installer in Knutsford

    Hi I’m Seb and I make people’s homes a home !


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Our Decking Installers in Knutsford, are rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 13 reviews from customers like you.

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What types of services are offered by local decking installers in Knutsford?

The garden is an extension of the home, often just as precious to our customers as their indoor space. When embarking on a garden transformation project that requires the addition of decking, many opt to DIY it and later regret this.

MyBuilder makes it easier than ever to skip the stress and turn straight to a Knutsford decking installation company. Experienced decking professionals can help you with all of the following:

  • Sourcing and installing timber decking
  • Sourcing and installing composite decking
  • Sourcing and installing pergolas and similar wooden garden structures
  • Decking maintenance, cleaning and repairs

Hourly rates of decking installers in Knutsford

The cost of hiring a decking installer local to Knutsford will depend on factors like the size of your project, the tradesperson you choose to work with and the materials you opt for.

As explained in our decking price guide, traditional timber decking is often much cheaper than composite decking comprised of wood fibres and plastic. Basic timber boards can cost as little as £15 per square metre, while premium products could push upwards of £80 per square metre.

As for the cost of installation? We can’t offer an exact figure due to the factors previously listed, but we can tell you that most decking installers charge an hourly labour rate of somewhere from £20 to £40.

Find an experienced decking installer in Knutsford

MyBuilder was made to simplify the tradesperson hiring process. If you’re looking for a trustworthy decking installer local to Knutsford, post a job for free on our site. When you do, installers in your area will be notified and have the chance to register their availability. You’ll then be able to go through your shortlist of options, reaching out directly to anyone who might be a good fit.

Be sure to ask questions like the following to solidify your expectations and confirm that you’re making the right hiring decision:

  • Do you have specific experience with this kind of installation?
  • Is your quote all-encompassing, or will any other costs apply?
  • How much do I need to pay up front as a deposit?

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