Houses belt out a Tom Jones classic in our new ad

When we started thinking about showing off MyBuilder in a new advertising campaign, we kept coming back to the same thought: The best tradespeople take real pride in a job done right. And they don't just work for the client; they work for the good of customers’ homes, too. The shivering house that finally gets a new roof, the leaking pipe that’s eventually repaired after months of dripping - they’re the ones who really enjoy the benefits of MyBuilder and our great tradespeople. If homes could talk, we thought, they’d recommended MyBuilder.

In fact, they’d probably be singing their praises…


Once we’d decided that singing houses, along with a few key fixtures and fittings, would be the stars of our new ad, the hunt was on to find the most characterful, colourful and charismatic properties around. We searched high and low, scouring streets, avenues and cul-de-sacs looking for quirky homes with faces that told a story.

With hundreds of contenders, we whittled down the finalists to the final ensemble - made up of terraced tenors, three-storey sopranos, and enough personality and pizazz to hit the perfect note.

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 12.05.36

Once we had the ‘singers’, we needed the song, and in the end, there was only one it could possibly be - the familiar chorus of Delilah, with its rolling “My, my, my”, was the perfect hook for the MyBuilder message. We recorded our own version live with a host of professional singers and real orchestra - and the result is a brand new twist on a much-loved classic.

Much of the ‘animation’ in the film is clever puppetry, a tribute to the craft of doing things by hand, with only a few studio flourishes to finish. We spent days in the cold with a crew and director capturing the stars of the show, helping them find their voice.


We’re really proud of the result, and hope you like it too.

Altogether now…

My, my, my… MyBuilder… da di da di da di da…


  1. Checkatrades on it’s knees. My builders definitely leading the way!

  2. Great advertisement

  3. Looks and sounds brilliant. Well done

  4. Lovely adwert🙂

  5. Very good well done.

  6. Its nice as long as you don’t put extra burden on tradesman with increasing you fees. It’s already too high

  7. Very very Interesting. I like it

  8. Hi
    I think it is absolutely brilliant
    And you should be very proud of yourselves

    O’Connorlandscapes Ltd

  9. Wow excellent advert

  10. Nice advert
    Not to sure about come fill my hole ?
    But overall ok
    Wayne Chamberlain.

  11. Put a smile on my face top one rob R.Ls painting and decorating contractors

  12. Brilliant 👌

  13. 5 stars from JJB SOLUTIONS we love the ad 😀😀😀😀

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  15. Just checking the date . Can't be April fools Day yet . I am going to be hearing this in my sleep 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  16. Love it! Very memorable

  17. Looks good,sounds good just the craic to bring in more work....

  18. Liking the new ad with an injection of humour to hopefully make it memorable 👍🏼

  19. love it well done guys

  20. Really good advert love it. Well thought up

  21. That was Brilliant, never laughed as much . Plus a good catchy tune ,well done my builder.

  22. Look
    A good sounds good
    Hits the mark

  23. Absolutely fantastic, better than checkatrade by a mile, well done my builder team, your going make all your tradesmen proud, brilliant

    Ronald j gaunt roofing

  24. Wicked love it well done

  25. Looking and sound good

  26. Love the choice of song and adding My Builder into it so people will remember it 👍🏻

  27. Looking and sound good

  28. Very good advertising skills hope it brings more work in for all , and you drop your fee price

  29. The New Ad is great gets the message across perfect well done to all at myBuilder LOVE IT 😁👌

    Shaun Robertson

  30. Great Advert modern and upto date with a catchy slogan well done to the team 👍

  31. Quality advert

  32. Great nice one.

  33. Brilliant, fantastic, catchy , what more can I say.....I am a Stoke City FC fan and the theme tune is their fans song.
    Its a winner for me, well done My Builder
    SDB Building & Maintenance

  34. Greaaaatttttt job

  35. Fantastic 👍🏻

  36. Brilliant !!!

  37. Very good. And a good choice of song

  38. I like it. Can't beat a good Welsh man's song. Being Welsh myself. Very catchy

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  41. Very fun, and good to see the company putting some big advertisement out there, very catchy and simple

  42. Very good and well thought out!
    Must be a stonemason thing ;)

  43. Yes very catchy well impressed

  44. Fantastic, one of the best and funniest adverts I’ve seen

  45. Very good get it on radio and telly .

  46. Yes very good well impressed

  47. Excellent. Really catchy and says what it is, easy to understand brilliant, and stays in the head with a great song too. Well done and Congratulations to you all 👍

  48. I like it very good spot on

  49. Great advert will now stick the logos on my van. How long will you keep advertising for?

  50. Quite funny.... I likes it

  51. I like it very good spot on

  52. Top job. Catchy and clever. Maybe with all the money we've made you, you can get adverts on the channels people actually watch ITV after the soaps or forced to watch it on YouTube before you watch what you clicked on. Or force it down throats to the masses on radio X 24/7 every 10 minutes.... In all fairness it's a good advert, just needs to reach the right people at the right time. As a plasterer timing is everything.

  53. 👍👍 wasn’t too sure at first but the chorus made it catchy, well done

  54. Wow, this is a great add guys.
    All credit to the team.
    Tony Coster

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  59. Well done. It will bring in more trade

  60. Looks great
    Will definitely drum up more customers on the website. Every one will

  61. Brilliant advert. . 'My Builder' has the intentions of making dreams come true. 👌👍

  62. Loved it great advert

  63. Looks great and will.definitely win new customers. Every one involved with my builder /trade person's will benefit.
    keep up the good work my builder team.
    Regards Martin mts Services

  64. Amazing guys that’s really good and really catchy. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Good work

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  73. After the dreadful "and it's free" advert this is a breath of fresh air

  74. Really good and will be remembered and catchy

  75. Absolutely amazing!
    Brilliant idea!

  76. Thought the idea of using alot of different styles of Homes works well. I am a tradesmen on my builder and i use your advise on showing mostly completed Work on my photo profile as you know looking at lots of Photos of Work in process can be a bit messy looking... so didnt think the fuse blowing on the socket at the end of the video Worked so well. Also think It would have been good to see a selection of different trades people ie plumbers stonemasons Painters etc of different ages nationalities , male and female .... as this would build a connection between your customer base and also with your trades people .

    Ha ha, Maybe i should be in advertisng .... !

    Matthew. Stone & Decor

  77. Great ad idea

  78. Well done !!
    A really good, clever well produced advert, will definitely get people’s attention, much better than the opposition!!
    Bring on the workload👊

  79. Yes i liked the advert and very catchy with a very well known song so well done on the advert.

  80. Very good!

  81. Great Ad. Glad to be part of the team.

    Richardandrew Homes and landscapes

  82. Not sure with the line fill my hole 😂

  83. First class , hits where it needs to which is customers that need reliable honest tradesmen
    Big thumbs up , love the ad .
    Cheers rob
    Easedale building services

  84. Catchy, should work well, who can resist singing along a to a Tom Jones hit, well done.
    Craig - Plan B kitchens Ltd

  85. Looks great.

  86. Different - I like it!

  87. I think its outstanding and a winner,
    Iv not been with you long as iv been with bark. Iv not used them since and I'm proud to be with my builder, I need to had things to my statues and look to ding it with the my builder team .
    Kind regards
    Roger ldb roofing and building

  88. Excellent - catchy, funny and I've been singing it all day! Very apt and will undoubtedly be successful.

  89. Very good advert

  90. Original, brilliant advert, wel organised

  91. Great advert

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    We'll done,

    Love it did make us laugh we need cheering up and more work so we'll done love it

  98. Great advert, it will increase the amount of applications.
    Far better than any of the competitors.

  99. Like the ad
    Wish you had put some Driveway in it though,
    But it gets the company name out there and people recognise My Builder,
    Well done

  100. Very catchy will stick in your head

  101. What a brilliant advert

  102. A super advert!!.The Green Green Grass of home is singing out for the brilliant trades people who sort out the jobs that need to be done!.

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    Des Law, decorator

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  106. AaronWhitmill Electrical Services
    Excellent advert. Catchy and to the point. Loving it 👍🏻

  107. Absolutely Brilliant advertising showed it to some costumers and they loved it .thanks my great job .

  108. Good work, very catchy and well put together.

  109. Awesome ad love the singing house ☺

  110. Magic catchy tune with a sense of humor gets the message over my 2 kids love it! This ad is guaranteed to promote my builder which will help promote my business. Thanks a lot all at my builder👍 All the best from Steven Penn @ Penn joinery & property preservation Falkirk

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    Great advert love it .

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    Been with mybuilder for 9 yrs 👍🏼

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