How Much Does CCTV & Security Installation Cost?

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Want to know the cost of home security system installation? The average cost to install a basic, four-camera CCTV system is around £800. In this guide we talk you through everything you need to know about the cost of installing security systems on your property. Please note, all costs and estimates are accurate as of 2024.

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Installing security systems can help you gain some much-needed reassurance about safety in your home. Whether you’re looking for a basic wired system, or want to splash out on a multi-camera, wireless CCTV, understanding the costs can help you gain a clear sense of what suits your budget. 

For the most accurate quotes, be specific about what type of security you’d like for your property, and any existing systems that could be integrated. Below, we’ve outlined several factors that could affect installation costs.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average CCTV and security installation costs
  2. How long does CCTV and security installation take?
  3. Things to consider when choosing CCTV systems
  4. How to reduce security and CCTV installation costs
  5. FAQ
  6. Your CCTV and security system checklist

Average CCTV and security installation costs

Installing security systems in your property is an extra step towards peace of mind in keeping yourself and other residents safe. Whether the bare essentials are enough to keep your space safe, or you’re looking to invest in an extensive, long-term security system, there are a variety of options to choose from. 

Below, we’ve outlined the average costs of some common CCTV and security systems, to give you an initial idea of what might best suit your budget and the needs of your property. 

Type of security systemAverage cost
Alarm systems £525
Basic CCTV system£800
Wireless CCTV system £450
Remotely monitored security systems £750
Annual monitoring and maintenance £100

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How much does CCTV and security installation cost?

If you’re setting up a security or CCTV system, you should be mindful of the different factors that could affect your quote. These include:

  • Location: If you live in a major city or urban area, you can expect to pay higher CCTV installation costs.
  • Number of cameras: The more cameras you choose to install, the higher your quote will be.
  • Location of cameras: If you choose to install cameras up on roofs or up high on walls, this will add to installation costs. 
  • Building type: If your property is listed or a historic building, CCTV installation costs will be greater to accommodate for any historic features.
  • Burglar alarms: You may choose to add a burglar alarm with your CCTV system for some added security.
  • Hidden wiring: If you want to hide any CCTV wiring subtly, this will come at an additional cost.

When you’re considering CCTV and security, be sure to think about what it is you want to protect, as well as certain vulnerable points in your property that might need extra surveillance. If you’re unsure about what would best suit your property, or where CCTV should be installed in your home, we’ve provided a few top tips on what to take into account when choosing different systems below.

Cost of alarm systems

Alarm systems can help deter intruders and alert the homeowner and neighbours, preventing potential theft. Alarms can be triggered by doors or windows opening, or via motion sensors, which can be disabled through specific codes. 

For a bell-only wireless alarm system, which includes two sensors and one door contact, this will cost you around £525. However, for a more extensive system with multiple sensors and window and door contacts, this will cost up to £800

Cost of a basic CCTV system

For a basic CCTV system, which normally includes four cameras, the average cost is around £800. This price will also include securing cameras in place and setting up the system. 

Cost of a wireless CCTV system

A wireless CCTV system is far more subtle, and allows for flexibility with placement of cameras and other equipment during installation. 

  • For a system of four cameras, you can expect to pay £450
  • For a system of eight wireless cameras, you can expect to pay around £750

Both of these prices include the cost of the cameras and installation. 

Cost of a high-end CCTV system

If you have a large property or want to explore a security system that’s tailored to your requirements, you can discuss specific quotes with a qualified tradesperson. 

At MyBuilder, we can help you find CCTV and security installers. Simply create your free job post, and we’ll help connect you to reliable tradespeople local to you. 

Cost of remotely monitored security systems

Away from home, and want the reassurance that your property is safe? As part of your security and CCTV systems, you can include remote monitoring to help you check in on your property.

Your security system could be linked to one of your own devices, like a smartphone, or could be monitored by a private company, who will carry out checks if the alarms are sounded before contacting the police.

Installation prices range from £500 to £1,000 depending on the complexity and size of your security system. Alternatively, you can also pay a subscription for remote monitoring, which can cost between £30 and £40 per month, depending on what’s included. 

Cost of annual maintenance for security systems

The average yearly cost of maintenance for security systems is around £100.  

Maintaining security systems and CCTV is vital to ensure continued protection and can help keep systems up to date.


How long does CCTV and security installation take?

For most security systems, the process of planning and installation is fairly quick and simple, so you’ll have added safety for your home in no time.

In the table below we’ve listed the average time it takes to install various different CCTV and security systems:

Type of security systemAverage time taken to install
Alarm systems A day or less
Basic CCTV systemA day or less
Wireless CCTV system A day or less
Remotely monitored security systems One to two days (depending on scale and complexity)
Annual monitoring and maintenance A few hours 

Things to consider when choosing CCTV systems

Before you invest in a CCTV system, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing what type of security suits your needs and your property best:

  • Prioritise what you want to protect: Do you have a garage, or a space with many valuables? If so, it’s best to place most of your CCTV around those spaces, or areas that are vulnerable to intruders.
  • Consider the positions of your cameras: Think about potential gaps or blind spots in your property that could use extra CCTV. Likewise, consider if external or internal cameras would be better for protecting your property. 
  • Storage of CCTV: Consider how you want to store your CCTV data, whether that’s on a hard drive or via an online database. 
  • High-quality imaging: If you’re choosing to install CCTV, do you want high-end imaging to capture good quality footage? Or are you happy to pay for just the essentials? 

How to reduce security and CCTV installation costs

Want some added security around your home, but are working on a budget? Below, we suggest a few ways that you might be able to save money on security and CCTV installation.

Explore cheaper, more gradual options: By slowly adding systems such as cameras and sensors, rather than purchasing an extensive security installation in one go, you can save yourself money and stick to a budget far more easily. 

Source CCTV and security systems yourself – If you’re looking to save money, shopping around for CCTV and security systems means you can search through deals and find equipment that’s cheaper than usual. You can then ask a professional to carry out the installation, to ensure the job is done properly. While you could attempt to install the systems yourself, we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have previous experience and feel confident in doing so.


Can I install a CCTV system myself?

Installing CCTV and security systems can be difficult. Although wireless systems are fairly intuitive, more complex wired systems can be difficult to navigate and frustrating to fix if you encounter technical problems.  

An experienced CCTV installer can work with different systems and can also provide advice on where to place cameras so that your property is fully covered. 

With all this in mind, we recommend hiring a professional security system installer to ensure the best possible job.

What’s the best CCTV system to invest in?

The best CCTV system will depend on your property and your needs. To figure out what works best for you, you should consult a local CCTV and security installer.

Your CCTV and security system checklist

  • Plan beforehand – Look over your property and consider which areas are vulnerable to intruders, or which locations should be protected. This will help you plan the placement of cameras, alarms and sensors. 
  • Speak to your local CCTV and security system installer for advice and to discuss viable options – CCTV and security system installers can give you guidance on what will work best for your needs and your property. You can also talk thoroughly about pricing, and can get highly specific quotes. 
  • Shop around – Don’t feel you have to go with the first CCTV installation specialist you find. Do your research, read customer reviews and request quotes from a number of different tradespeople. You can then choose the security system installer who is the best fit for your needs and your budget. 

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