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1970s house - rewiring required?

Hi all

I've just bought a 1970s house and am doing some refurb work, which will include new spotlights etc.

I was wondering whether it is likely that a 1970s house would require rewiring and, if this is likely, how I go about instructing a PIR and who is registered to carry it out (Wokingham, Berks area).

Thanks for your help


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Hi Mike,

My name is Lee Blakely from L R Blakers Electrical. I would say you would need a Periodic test and inspection done on the house. You would be looking for main bonding, earth's in cable etc. I would proberly say though it will need re-wired and RCD protected as it is nearly 40 years old. To install and sign off the work you will need an electrician who is registered with a scheme ( NICEIC, Napit, ECA etc) and provide certification.

Regards, Lee
L R Blakers Electrical
NICEIC Registered

Answered 16th May 2011

LRBlakers Electrical

Member since 22 Oct 2009


The majority of 1970s houses do not need rewiring. They will probably just need a consumer unit and earthing upgrade.

You may find that the earthing on the lighting circuit is missing and this may lead you to perhaps just wanting to get the lighting rewired.

Any electrician will come round for free and give you an idea of what needs doing if there is a fair chance they will get the job.

If you have a consumer unit change then the electrician will have to inspect a lot of the property anyway.

Hope this helps


Answered 18th May 2011

Hi Mike,

In an installtion that old the chances that you require a rewire or at the least considerable improvements to bring your installation upto current standards would be very high. Instead of having a PIR carried out you would be wiser first to ask some electricians to give you a visual report. Some electricians will do this for free or at a very small charge. If you then decide to have a PIR carried out ensure that the electrician is competent to do so ( NAPIT, ELECSA or NICEIC ).
If you decide to have a rewire please feel free to ask us to quote on it, we are a small family based company based in Yorkshire who carry out rewires nationwide often beating local electrcians on price while at the same time ensuring you get a first class job from start to finish.

Answered 17th May 2011

NJM Electrical

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As the instalation is from the 1970's it could possibley do with updating the mains board, and definately having a full test schedule on the house to confirm the wiring is ok and meets test requirements. I would of thought it could do with a rewire to meet the 17th edition regulations, as the cables can break down due to age. (Instalation resistance test required)
If you email me a plan of the house with your spec you require and i can work on that information to give you a rough quote.

Hope this helps
Regards Alex McCallum
(AM Electrical)

Answered 16th May 2011

AM electrical

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If the house has not been re-wired sine building it will almost certainly need re-wiring, post a job on this sit and you will get the required tradespeople to do the job,regards Terry.

Answered 16th May 2011

tm property services

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An electrician might be able to tell if it needs a rewire with a simple site visit instead of paying for a PIR that’s going to come back with unsatisfactory full rewire recommended.

Points that indicate in the direction of a rewire are:

Old rubber type cables in place on all or part of the installation.

Inadequate number of sockets, switches around the property.

Old type fuse board in place with fuse wire or cartridge type fuse links in place.

Changes to PIR’s are being brought in. My recommendation would be to use an NICEIC registered electrician.

Post a job on Mybuilder and receive free quotations.


Secelec Uk

Answered 16th May 2011

Secelec UK

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any NAPIT, NICEIC, or ELECSA qualified electrician would be able to help. Get the electrical work done before the decorating as after the electrical work is done redecoraton will be needed.
good luck.

Answered 16th May 2011

Abrahams and Keeling

Member since 1 Dec 2009

Hi Mike,
Your house might need a rewire? the best thing todo is get an Electricain such as myself who carries out Periodic Inspection Reports (pir) and see what needs doing to bring the house up to current regs.

Hope this helps.

Richard Denman

Answered 16th May 2011


Member since 8 Oct 2008

Hi Mike,
Any competent electrician can carry out a pir. To find a competent electrician to carry out a rewire go to www.competentperson.co.uk . hope this helps

Brooklyn Electrical

Answered 16th May 2011

Brooklyn Electrical

Member since 5 Jul 2009

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