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Kva load for my property?

Good afternoon,

I am in the process of applying to get overhead cables moved, and the company have asked me to supply my 'Load details - breakdown in KVA'

Can anybody advise me how I find this out please?

Many thanks

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KVa is a unit of electricity used by the electric companies due to the use of transformers in the network. the sipmlest way to find out is to ring your provider who should know this.

24KVA is the rating for a 100amp supply which is the standard.

100amps x 240 volts= 24,000 va = 24 KVA


Answered 14th May 2011

the general supply to a domestic residence is 25 KVA increase this to 30 if you have full electric heating, I have recently completed a self build and was asked this ,Iquoted 30KVA and this was accepted,hope this helps,regards Terry.


Answered 14th May 2011

KVA is another term for 'Watts', ie how much power is the maximum you will use. For example a cooker may be 9000 watts (9KW or 9KVA) and a shower might be 10000 watts (10KVA) plus your lights and sockets etc.

Hope that helps


Answered 14th May 2011

Hi. They are asking you what the maximum required demand will be. (Maximum demand KVA).

Unless your upgrading the electric requirements within the property, then you could tell them the same as what you already have will be fine.

20 KVA is adequate for a Domestic property without an all Electrical heating system.

If the main fuse to your property is 60 amp then your probably running on 15kva.

If your main fuse is 80 to 100 amp then your probably on 20 kva.

Normally there is a label on your main fuse indicating what rating fuse is fitted.

You could call your service provider and ask them, they should tell you.

Hope this helps

Secelec Uk


Answered 15th May 2011

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