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I have a price to purchase aluminium slimline windows, for a 3 bed semi (extended) with 10 windows, direct. This is considerably less than if I buy via any of the numerous windows companies I have had quote me. They seem to be charging an additional 5k (min) upwards - this seems unreasonable although I would not want to be responsible for the final measurement of the windows so I guess I am asking for more than JUST a fitting service. Am I cutting into the salesmans commission - I don't mind paying a reasonable price and do understand the fitters need to make a profit but at these rates I am paying more than 50% of material cost for fitting and profit. Is there a way forward? Many thanks.

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I suggest that you post a job on this site there are sure to be some independant teaders that can give you competetive quotes,regards Terry


Answered 14th May 2011

get a quote of small independent traders and fitters you will be surprised at there prices as they have less overheads to pay


Answered 15th May 2011

The main reason is that although you are buying the windows yourself whoever installs your windows will ultimately have to guarantee them. So if something goes wrong with them your manufacturer is simply going to blame the installation and will not touch your windows, leaving it down to whoever fits and certifies your job. £5k is abit much for fitting 10 windows though.
If you'd like forward all the info over to us regarding your windows and we could quote you?


Answered 15th May 2011

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