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Wet patches have appeared on walls following loft insulation undertaken by british gas

British Gas recently insulated our loft and not long after we noticed wet patches on an outside wall in one of the bedrooms. We have since had roof vents fitted and soffits in the fascia just under the gutters but the problem is getting worse and we have wet patches in two rooms now. We had a new fascia fitted just over a year ago and when it rained heavy the first time, the wall became wet. The company came back and said that one of the clips had been left off and things seemed OK after this but since having the insulation done everything has got worse. There are now damp and wet patches in the bedrooms where the roof vents have been fitted.

I have tried so many websites and none really seem to have the answer. Some websites don't recommend having insulation fitted if you have damp problems - should we get British Gas back to remove the insulation - could it be "suffocating" our house?

Any help or ideas as to who we should be contacting would really be very gratefully received.

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a good loft is a draughty loft,the problems arise when the insulation is pushed into the eaves and stopping the ventilation in the loft area, your roof vents should not be creating damp patches unless they are fitted in correctly, it could be a combination of a lot of different things and without looking at it, it is impossible to say exactly what is causing your issues.
my guess is either condensation in the loft caused by a vent going out throw the roof,the felt into the gutter being worn and not replace with felt support trays when the facias where replaced allowing water ingress into the brickwork,
tile vents being fitted incorrectly or in the wrong place, insulation being pushed into the eaves and blocking the normal ventilation system. to name but a few causes.
your best bet is post in the jobs section underdampness/roofing and get a local expert round to asses the problem/solution/cost.
personally have tieded up after these boys before british stick to gas fitting.

good luck alex

Answered 13th Feb 2013

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Sounds like you need a new roof, if you have ventilation in roof and the damp patches appeared when it rained its probably rain water not condensation.

Answered 15th Mar 2013

PJ Developments

Member since 13 Mar 2013

I was only having this conversation with a fellow trader the other day. There are so many jobs/ questions on hear about British gas fitting loft Insolation and either the roof/ loft becoming damp or the rooms due to lack of air flow..... Don't know we're you stand as a customer might be worth looking into the small print when they fitted it.

You need to get a damp specialist in who can give you a report and send it to British gas

Hope this helps

Answered 12th Feb 2013

srr property maintenance

Member since 3 Nov 2011

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