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Non breathable roof liner

I have been having problems with condensation causing damp on the ceilings below the loft. Probably due to the extra insulation added. I have had a roofer put in a lot of new ventilation in the tiles also under the eaves. It is a hipped roof, end of terrace property, with 2 vents low and one high one each face. The problem is still happening. He mentioned that the roof liner is non breathable. Is there any way to replace a liner without the need to reroof the whole property, or is it ok to cut some away to increase ventilation? The slates are in pretty good condition I am told, but the liner is the problem.
Also given that the plaster on the ceilings is stained, how is the best way to deal with the stain to redecorate?

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i have just had this same problem myself, i found it to be when a plumber i had out serviced the header tanks in the loft he'd left the lid of the hot tank, this caused condensation on the roof joists which the dripped onto the ceiling and caused problems, i put the lid back on securely and hey presto gone.
as for the stains use undercoat this will work. Hope yours is as simple, regards Alan Jolliff

Answered 5th Feb 2013

Complete Weatherseal Solutions

Member since 5 Feb 2013

vetailation is the problem,although your roofer has installed vents their is still insuffient ventailation in your loft space,are your soffits vented,is the insulation pushed to far into the edges of your roof stopping air circulation.
a draughty roof is a good roof, if their is no draught in your loft their is insuffient air circulation.

good luck

Answered 6th Feb 2013

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

ADR are correct you should introduce more ventilation above the insulation level and make sure the eaves ventilators [ if fitted ] are clear. For the stains use any good Stain Block before re-decoration.

Answered 7th Feb 2013

Norjan Properties Ltd

Member since 20 Jan 2010

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