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Installing tv in chimney fireplace space


I would like to put my TV back inside my chimney breast where an old gas fire used to be - gas fire was removed before we moved in some years back; so there is a small square board-lined 'void' where the gas fire was, with architrave around the face egdge. My wife just stands dried flowers inside it at the moment. I'd like to open up the void further and slot our flatscreen 32" tv into the void to free up some floor space...well, a corner of the room. I really don't like TVs mounted above the chimney breast so is the possible? I'd like to add something like rubberwood shelving to the space in the chimney void, and place the TV on the top shelf inside the space and push the TV back so that it is vertically flush with the chimney breast. I would like the shelving to protrude a bit out of the space - about 15cm - as well, to accommodate the base of the TV etc. And then place the other stuff, DVD, PVR on shelves below it in the same void.

So, the chimney breast is 153cm wide by 37cm deep. The aperture I would want would be approx 106cm high by 81cm wide. Is there any reason that this wouldn't be possible?

Any advice at all would be appreciated....including any ideas on cost.


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Chimney & Fireplace Specialist

Yes this is fine , you just need to check the top of the inside of the aperture is boarded or covered , this will stop any soot residues or rainwater making a mess on the TV , as for costings I would expect to pay in the region of £250.00 to complete this type of project . Do forget you will also need to take into consideration the electrical requirement within the fireplace for the DVD player TV and any feature lighting if required.


Answered 13th Jan 2015

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