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Is duraflex really better than rehau3?

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if you want to compare the profiles itself then you should consider how many chambers they have, are they made from recycled profiles or virgin PVC-U material, what is the thickness of outside PVC-U. Also you should check do you have glass bids from the inside of your house.
Also the thickness overall of the profile is important, usually they are 70mm.
Many producers of the profiles claiming that they are the best but you should think about the facts. PVC-U profiles are introduced to UK market by Germans in 70's early 80's and they have longest experience in that production then UK producers.

But if you think about a whole product such as PVC-U window then you should think much wider.

Usually as I can see here the suppliers and producers do not reinforce PVC-U windows for domestic use which in my humble opinion is more than funny if we are talking about safety or stability of the windows. But if you have FENSA, ASSURE or any other competent person scheme certification for that product you can do it.

Also what is important on window the type of the hinges how they are open, do they have easy clean opening, how many shoot bolts you have on hardware for the security of your window.

Also the double glazed unit is very important. You can get normal 4+20+4 double glazed unit in that case you wouldn't have a super thermal insulation. This double glazed unit can be improved by changing inside 4mm pane with Low "E" glass which will improve your thermal insulation of your window overall. The best option is to have 4mm clear glass from outside + 20mm plastic distancer and that space filled by Argon gas + 4mm Low emissivity or Low "E" glass. That way you will prevent to lose the heat from the inside the house and allowing the light from outside to came through.

Of course installation of windows itself is another story. Windows should be fixed by screws and many of installers just put silicone from outside and that is it. And there is the whole science of installing the windows properly and I do not have enough time to explain everything in details here.

Before you decide where to buy your window you should make a good research and thinking because that is the life time investment with right choice and usually PVC-U windows are the biggest investment in your house.

Kind regards,

Ivan Josip, Portal2 Home Improvement Ltd


Answered 31st Jan 2013

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