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QuestionIs it fair to be quoted over 4000 for 14 rooms?

Hi everyone,

I want to completely redecorate my house on the inside, I have around 14 rooms in my house (it's an old place, but very dear to me); I've asked my neighbour how much he'll charge me to do everything (yes, there are a few decorating things involved) and he said around 5000. I know him for 15 years, this is why I wanted him to do the house.

Is that a fair price or he's too expensive?

Thank you!

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Best Answer

Well if you have 14 rooms and the quote is £5000 then you are been charged on average £350 per room. If there is a lot of preperation to be completed first like sanding windows/sills/skirting along with repair work to bad walls etc and he is supplying all materials etc and is gauranteeing a top job then it's not a bad quote. Best way is to obtain 3 quotations altogether and compare.

InPave 11th May, 2011

depends where you are in the world and how dear the house is to you ,for a total revamp ,top quality work would involve reskimming plaster where required ,replacing timberwork where required sanding down ect 5000 is CHEAP for 14 rooms

substructure 11th May, 2011

Hi Albert,
Very difficult to give a price as it obviously depends on room size & condition of existing paintwork.An average price guideline would be £400 per room in my area inclusive of materials.Hope this helps.

m w building construction and property maintenance 11th May, 2011

It sounds like four weeks work for two men so your labour charge should be 4.000 pounds plus materails paints etc . From a self employed decorators point i think its about right.

Proctor Decorating 11th May, 2011

It all depends on what exactly needs doing, and if he is going to supply all the materials.
However i think that the price is a bit over the top.
Why dont you post your job on this site, put down exactly what you require doing and get some quotes.
This way you will see if your friend has given you a fair quote.
Hope this helps.

Dannys Decorators 11th May, 2011

Hi Albert !

My name is Alex and I am a qualified painter and decorator. Well, the price seems to be a little bit too high ( unless you have very large rooms and you want different colours on different walls).I think the labour should cost you arround 3000 - 3500£.
Good luck !

alex painting & decorating 11th May, 2011


I would say the average price of decorating one room in Bristol is £320 inc material.

Good luck!


Brush Strokes South West Ltd 15th May, 2011

hi albert
I,v been in the building trade for 22 years, you need to take in account of how much work is needed in each room, if it is just prepping and painting you can do a room in a day and a half, but if the wwod work is shot it could take longer. the size of a room is a factor as well, i would say it sounds like a fair quote, but would you get a 110% finish. hope this helps, regards stuart.

hamilton roof care 17th May, 2011

Difficult to answer without a lot more info. How big are the rooms ? how many need to be stripped ? how many to repaper ? How much prepping is required ? It is very possible that the work is worth more than £5000, on the other hand it could be worth less but for 14 rooms in an old house it sounds ok to me.

Frank Baxter Decorating 11th May, 2011


5000 divided by 14 rooms works out at £357 per room. If he is spending on average 3 days per room that would work out approx £120 a day.

If he is supplying material you have got a good deal, I think.

Not really sure of the going day rate for a painter, I also don't know the size of the room and what's unvolved but hopefuy you might be able to use the above



BPRS 11th May, 2011

If you have windows to paint and there are cracks in the woodwork and or high ceilings then £285.00 per room incluing all materials seems like a more than fair price good luck hope all goes well

Kevin Grimmond & Son Decorating 11th May, 2011

Hi Albert
Its hard to ever estimate a price without knowing exactly whats involved
ie each room size, condition... is it stripping re-papering or just emulsioning how much wood to get done , is there a lot of prep work etc
But the best thing to do is use this site to get a few painters in your area to give you a quote , that way you will get a good idea what the going rate is.
Really hope this helps
David King Painters

David King Painters 11th May, 2011

Best thing to do is get another couple of decorators round to give you a price,then you can compare the quotes.
But looking at other answers you have,14 rooms averages around £350 each so that sounds pretty good to me.


carl melady 12th May, 2011

it is quite expensive but again it all depends on the time scale and the prep and decorating required in each room. Ask him how long he expects the project to take and then work out how much he is wanting per day. If he is doing it on his own he is a bit expensive if he is wanting more than £25 per hour.

Barron Property & Decorating Services 15th May, 2011

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