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Hot water timer wont turn on following tipped fuse

I have a water storage heater with a timer that used to work fine. However my hot water has stopped running and the timer panel doesn't turn on. I checked the fusebox and this had tripped so I flicked it back up but the timer panel still wont turn on. Any suggestions?


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Most likely the element in the tank has blown and the fault has also blown the electronics in the timer. Difficult to say exactly without looking but a new Hortsmann E7 timer is approx £70, and a new element approx £30, so your probably looking at around £150+ with labour.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

It may be the water heater has a fault and might need replacing or the time unit has a fault and needs replacing. At the extreme a cable may have been damaged or the trip has been damaged. All possible reasons so all should be checked.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

The Fuse, most likely an Minature Circuit Breaker has tripped for a reason (Safety) related... if it wont turn on then there is a permanent problem which resetting the fuse wont cure. Could be crossed wires, could be an internal fuse blown. To identify the problem it would need a check over by a fully qualified electrition.

Hope this helps.

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Answered 27th Jan 2013

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