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Can I use a simple bathroom extractor fan (preferably the ones that look like and double up as spotlights) instead of a cooker hood in my kitchen. We are replacing the kitchen and putting the hob on an island. The hob extractors I find ugly and dominate the room. The ones that are flush with the ceiling cost £1000+ so wondered if a simple bathroom extractor would work. We hardly ever use the extractor fan, but just want something for removing the occasional kitchen smells. Any advice on whether this will work and recommended bands etc, gratefully received. Thank you. Ruth

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Hi Ruth

It's not ideal but would work for occasional use , it would have to be ducted outside through the ceiling, and in time when you get round to it you can replace it with a ceiling extractor as the power and ducting will be in place.

I know what you mean about cost we have just installed 5 Gutman ceiling extractors which I had to import from Germany which cost 4k each ouch!!!!!

Good luck Ryan


Answered 28th Jan 2013

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