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I want to re-train as a plasterer - kettering - nn14 4xe


I was wondering if you could help me.

Recently i was made redundant from my job and I would like to take this opportunity to retrain.

I have allways liked the idea of being a plasterer but for the past 20 years since i left school I have worked in a sales enviroment ( iam 36 yoa) then as things progressed I stayed in my 9-5 job wearing a suit and being very unhappy.

I was wondering if you would like some FREE help labouring to see if this could be a chosen career for me, my aim to do small domestic work not large contracts so i can fit it around the children.

I have no intention of taking work away from yourself I just want to know if with some training I feel as if it is right for me to continue with this dream of mine.

If you wish we can have a chat and your time taking to read this request is greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly

Tony Bosworth

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im based in london so unfortunately cant offer you any work, but just want to say good luck ..never to late to give something else a go , i think you will find it hard work after working in an office ..ive been plastering for over 20 years and it never gets any 43 and at the end of the day my body hurts ...hopefully someone will give you some hands on experience ,but before you make a good plasterer you need to be a good plasterers improver i.e learning to mix etc then you can get on the trowel ..i wish you good luck ...

Answered 11th May 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

Hi Tony, being 36 you are a bit late for a "modern apprenticeship", and unless you have been going to the gym a couple of times a week you will find it hard, I've been doing this for years and I still find it hard, and dirty, but for some reason I love it.
If you are serious about doing this, enquire at your local college, or go through your phone book, get addresses of plastering firms and aproach them direct, you never know you might end up with a job, (but watch out for the 'sky hooks' and 'left handed trowels').
Good luck Chaz

Answered 10th May 2011

Kendal Renderings

Member since 9 May 2011

I would be willing to help you out, but you live to far away unless you are willing to travel, but if I do get any work close to you I will call you, like us on face book for more info

thank you

Jason fletcher

Answered 10th May 2011

Fletcher's Renovations

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I would advise you try to get on with a plastering contractor as a labourer, if you work hard they will train you up.

There are so many variables in domestic work with regards to problems you have to solve and solutions to find, not to mention the pitfalls of asbestos you could bring into your home, the dust, the angry clients because you work looks slightly different from the last guys who did some work for them. Not getting paid, The constant out pricing by people who will literally do this work for next to or less than minimum wage etc etc etc.

The key to being sucsessful in domestic work is to be experienced, you need time with a mentor who can show you, A, how to do the work, and B, experience all the above pitfalls and explain what to do, and or advise you out of them and ways around things and what to expect. It's not a pick up and go trade unfortunitly. I can train a monkey to skim, but to plaster, as in to be a plasterer, you need a good mentor, time, and experience, and after that like all good plasterers, you'll have plenty of work and money too.

If you are doing this for cash in the hand, and don't mind changing your sim card every week, then just do a 2 week course, and never tell a client where you live, and always get them to buy materials because they will either not pay because you've made a mistake, something as silly as getting plaster on the carpet, or your work may be sub standard because you don't know how to prep properly or overcome the many different things that happen as you go. However nothing ventured nothing gained.

Site work would be better suited to you, it's mostly plasterboard, all the same types of rooms and predictable setting features within the skim as you trowel through the stages.

Answered 13th May 2011

Holcombe Building and Restoration Ltd

Member since 12 May 2011

Look through your local papers and call all the plastering contractors , all they want is hard working labours with common sense . i would say if your hard working , reliable they will train you .
Hope this helps
R Carrigan

Answered 26th May 2011

Carrigan Plastering

Member since 26 May 2011

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