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Can you get a landlord gas certificate for a back boiler

I have a property that has a functioning back boiler. However my Gas Safe engineer tells me that you cannot get a Landlord Certificate for this type of boiler that true?

Apparently there is a recent change in the law that requires inspection hatches to be fitted to allow to check the flue. Without this work (~£500?) the gas certificate (CP12) cannot be issued. Is this right?

The installation I have is quite old but functioning, the boiler I think must have a flue that connects up the chimney...

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Whilst it could be interpreted that the back boiler flue is in a void, I.E. the chimney stack, this is not what the Flue in Void senario which came into force this year, requiring inspection hatches.

These installations relate to room sealed, fan flued appliances where the flue usually is located within a ceiling void or is boxed in, and not visable.

A Landlords gas cert can be issued, subject of course to all the necessary checks as per your particular installation.


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Answered 27th Jan 2013

Yes you can, if its safe to use and in working order then it is safe and a certificate can be issued.
If the plumber is young he may not have taked one apart before , let alone installed them from new.
Baxi bermuders are safe if they function correctly, and they dont pack up like the new units. But, there are not too many left.

The flue can be checked from the boiler point, and, the terminal of the roof.
A smoke test can be carried out to see that the smoke only emits from the terminal concerned.

These units were produced prior to combustion analasis.

The issue for any registered installer SHOULD be, is it safe and can i walk away and know that whoever uses this will not come to harm and then i will not end up in prison.

It has to be said that a awful lot of landlords appliances that i see fall well below par, as often there is an emphasis on profit as opposed to high levels of maintenance.

If your installer will not pass your appliance he may have a valid point, Do you trust the integrity of your gas guy?

Last but not least, if this unit is 30yrs old maybe more, it owes you nothing and maybe its time it retired from its domestic duties to a place more in keeping with its generation.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

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