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How to repair lead flashing?

Hi, I have a small hole in the lead flashing on my conservatory roof and have tried vaious methods from lead sealants to lead flashing to do the repair however this seems to have been to no avail as water still seems to be getting through, can anyone recommend s good method of repair?

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The correct way to cure the leak would be to appoint a roofer who is competent in lead working, he will assess the condition of the lead, and suggest a renewal of the flashing or a simple spot repair, by lead welding.

If you are looking for a quick fix that will actually work without appointing a roofer,then flash band may be the cheapest solution. This should be treated however as a temporary fix.

Although the split could of been caused accidentally, Unfortunately a lot of conservatories are fitted with poor lead work, we usually find the lead flashing is installed in too long a bay, which results in splitting due to the constant expansion and contraction, subjected to the lead, due to the british weather.
The code of lead used will also be key in this problem.

The lead fitted is usually of an inadequate gauge, we find code 3 is used instead of a minimum code 4 for flashings, this inevitably splits. If your lead is code 3 the chances are it will not be possible to spot weld effectively.

Unfortunately due to the increase in lead theft, we are finding we are using more lead alternative products such as UBIFLEX, which is as close as you will probably get to real lead.

Hope this helps.



Answered 31st Jan 2013

The only proper way to repair the hole in the existing lead is by lead solder or welding but this is a specialist job . You could also cut the lead where the hole is and put a patch over or under the cut.
If I were you I would advertise the job on mybuilder asking for a roofer , get a couple of quotes & dont pay until the repair is tested by similar weather to when previous leaks have occured.

With reference to the response from ADR , as they admit our answer is logical & they are disagreeing with us are they therefore not saying that their answer is illogical?

I dont think having a small hole in the lead constitutes a failure , it may have been damaged by a slipped slate or tile , the clue is in the word ' small ' in the original question.

I really don't think you need a swiss bank account to give a week or two's credit to your client whilst you ensure that you have cured the leak you are being paid for.
I always wait for the money until it the repair has been tested before payment. If the contractor you choose was that desperate for payment they could always test the repair with a hose pipe after it is complete.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

the only true solution to lead failure is to replace it.
and while norjan properties advice may be logical their all builder that I know will expect to be payed on complation of the job as with most tradesmen we dont all have swiss bank account like norjanproperties ltd


Answered 22nd Jan 2013

Replace the lead after sealing the groove or hole with a sealant.
Lead or flashband can fix the issue.


Answered 7th Oct 2013

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