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How to repair plaster ceiling

i had a bathroom ceiling reboarded and plastered 3 years ago. the ceiling slopes and then becomes horizontal.(it is a bathroom in an old terraced house) at the joint where the ceiling goes from sloping to horizontal, the plasterer dubbed the junction out with browing, and basically rounded the joint off. he then skimmed the whole ceiling. at the joint in the ceiling, where the skim has gone over the browning, the skim has cracked and come lose and can be pulled off. how should i repair this.

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Hack off any loose blown plaster on the joint, you need to make sure the join is covered in scrim tape and recurve the joint with bonding, the reason it has cracked is because your plasterer has used browning instead of bonding, browning should never be used on plasterboard, then give the ceiling 2 coats of pva and reskim when dry!


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

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