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How long is an appropriate time to wait for a quote?

Being a generally inpatient person so just wanted to check! Someone said that if you showed you keenness to get started the builders would jack their prices up.

It is for a double story extension with full building regs - no kitchen or windows included in quote.

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A week is normally our goal for a straight foward extension,but if a builder is busy as in any job it may take a little longer.Regards Shaine


Answered 23rd May 2011

Depending on which area you live in the quote will fluctuate. If i was to quote for this job i would be able to give you a ball part figure in minutes followed by a written quote within days. It sounds like a straight forward quote ( a double shell witha roof and no windows fitted ) The other side of the coin is the builder could be flat out with work and other quotes and finding time to put the quote together is some what challenging.
Regards Ken


Answered 10th May 2011

generally it takes time to organise varies trades and materials required to complete a job so there fore the earlier that you pick your builder the more chance there is of the job being completed to your time scale. the builder will generally have other jobs on and work comming in all the time so the longer you wait the more chance that your builder is stacked out with work this is when you are likley to get a price hike because your wanting him to leave something else to build yours .
so in general the quicker the better
hope this is of help
regards alex


Answered 10th May 2011

i agree with first the build is straight forward to quote on i would have you a quote in few days but different circumstances etc with other builder wether steels needed if you have calcs etc so just a waiting game really


Answered 11th May 2011

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