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Extractor fan in bathroom window

I have a top floor flat (in 3 storey building), and it suffers from bad condensation leading to mould growth in bathroom, bedroom and living room. We do all we can to minimise steam (bathroom and kitchen doors shut, windows open etc) but the problem persists. There is no ventilation built into the flat – which is constructed out of concrete.

I wondered then about installing an extractor fan into a window to try and mitigate the problem. I assume the best place for this is the bathroom as the biggest culprit of condensation.

1) Can you install a fan in a window that opens? I don’t think I’d want to lose the ability to open the bathroom window (it’s a single pane double glazed UPVC)
2) Does the job require replacement window or just the glass? Or can it use existing glass, cutting a hole to insert the fan?
3) Is it possible to do this without scaffolding?

Many thanks in advance

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Generally an electrically powered window fan can only be fitted to a single glazed window. This is beacuse the space inbetween the two panes of glass on a double glazed unit normally contains an insulating gas to help keep the heat in, as such they are called sealed units.

Cutting a hole in the window will break this seal and the effectiveness of the double glazing will be lost, and so the room will be colder and loose more heat via the window, plus the window will not be able to be opened as wiring will be needed to run between the wall and the window for the fan supply.

Its possibly worth considering getting the concrete wall drilled with a diamond core drill and a fan fitted in the wall, but this would most likely need scaffolding outside so the exterior grille can be fitted.


Answered 21st Jan 2013

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