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i need to run a mains earth to my mains gas supply which the inlet and meter are outside,where is the best place to connect my strap,do i need to run cable outside?

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The 10mm main earth bonding cable should run directly from your Main Earthing Terminal (MET) and connect to the consumers side gas pipe within 600mm of the external meter.

As such it maybe easier for you to take up a floorboard to expose the gas pipe and make the earth connection at that point. You will need to use a Tenby EC15 earth strap and once the earth cable is connected at the gas pipe end and at the MET you can then carry out the earth continuity test and Prospective Fault Current (PFC) and Prospective Short Circuit (PSC) tests and record the results on your certificate.

If you don't have calibrated PFC/PSC and continuity test instruments then it maybe best to hire a registered electrician to carry out the tests and issue the Minor Electrical Works certificate for this work as required by the wiring regulations.


Answered 20th Jan 2013

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