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How to fix flaking paint and white powder on newly painted plaster?

Last year a blocked gutter resulted in damaged plaster on an outside wall in a mid terraced 60 year old property in an upstairs bedroom.
The gutter was cleared.All plaster was removed from the entire wall and it was replastered by a tradesman.
I let the wall dry for three weeks and repainted with emulsion ( 3 coats).In the last few weeks a bit of flaking has occurred, but also a white powder had appeared in patches. The wall is apparently dry, the powder brushes off easily. I cleared it all off, repainted, but within 3 weeks the growth has re-appreared.
a previous question reply mentions "efflorescent salts.
The wall is not damp.Is there something on the market that I can use to "seal" the already painted wall? what would happen if I wallpapered over it?

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Hi you need to sand the wall down to the plaster then you need to put some Pva glue on the plaster two coats .
Leave to dry and then repaint ,this will solve the problem .


Answered 20th Jan 2013

Hi you could try and pva the wall to seal it then repaint I would not wall paper over it as the wall paper will come off hope this helps


Answered 21st Jan 2013

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