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Cracked hollow sounding plaster. will i need to knock out any areas that maybe have blown?

i have just stripped wallpaper in my hall and stairs, i have noticed some areas of plaster that have cracked and sound hollow if you tap it with your finger. this may have been caused by the wallpaper steamer? the plaster is still on the wall and does not look as though it will fall off. i intend wallpapering , will i need to knock out any areas that maybe have blown?

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Hi there
This would really need to be seen as to determine how blown the plaster is
what bothers me is the fact that there is cracking ,I have skimmed over hundreds of walls in Victorian properties and you will skim over hollow plaster
but as a professional I will know what needs hacking off and generally you will try and not hack off as you only loosen the surrounding areas ,but with blown and cracking this shows the plaster has moved more than normal so could move even more and possibly tear new paper, I would advise you to get an experienced plasterer to have a look if possible


Answered 18th Jan 2013

Hi you can wall paper over it but its not the right way of doing things properly all blown plaster needs to be removed and re-done not what you wanted to here but it's the right way thanks dan


Answered 21st Jan 2013

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