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Has my mother in law been ripped off for a new central heating pump?

My Mother in law called today to say that her heating (which packed up at the weekend) was now working as a plumber had come and replaced the pump.

However she then said that they charged her 600 pounds even though they were only there for 2 hours. This strikes me as excessive, it is a small 2 bed semi with a vented system so I wouldn't imagine it would need a pump that would cost hundreds of pounds.

Is this a reasonable cost or is this a case of a cowboy taking advantage of an old lady desperate for some heat in this cold weather

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Hi,i would ask for the receipt for the pump then take it from there. 2 hours labour annd parts seems very expensive. If they are genuine they will comply. Cheers Dai


Answered 17th Jan 2013

I would not expect anyone to charge any more than £150-£200 for a pump replacement.
Pump arround £70 plus labour.


Answered 18th Jan 2013

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