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How do i insulate a slate loft roof?

i need to insulate my roof, but want to keep the boarded floor free for storage, i can see the slate and mortor from inside, and its quite windy. i was going to block it all up but was told id get damp and mould due to lack of air flow ? ive heard about leaving a gap but is this between the slate or the joists? i dont want anything too thick as there is not much head room as it it. how can i get round these problems ? thank you
regards neil

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check the depth between your trusses and the slates then install the correct thickness of kingspan in the gaps allowing for a 25mm air gap between the kingspan and the slates.
a well ventilated roof space is good this stops your timbers rotting.


Answered 14th Jan 2013

Ok the first answer is fine however if the loft floor is well insulated and there is no water tanks stored in this area leave well alone unless you spend time in the loft space and you feel its cold. Normally you can visually see if the loft is well insulated by looking from the outside. When it snows it takes ages to melt thus telling you there is no heat loss. Dai D W maintenance


Answered 17th Jan 2013

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