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My builder has told me he will have the base in and finished in 1 day that seems very quick ..i thought you had to wait 5 to 10 days for the concrete to set

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As a rule a conservatory base team will dig and lay foundations first,then lay trench blocks below the ground and brick courses above,the last thing they will do is float an oversite (concrete floor) this will take a couple of days to harden so you can stand on it but I usually advise 3 to 4 days before walking on it,usually a finish screed is floated on top of the oversite to give a level floor surface,once the conservatory is fitted you will have to wait a few weeks before you can lay a floor,either check with a damp meter or lay a thick magazine on the floor once its looking dry overnight,if when removed there is a damp patch underneath then its not dry.


Answered 13th May 2011

If it is just a base for a consevatory, he will get the base laid in a day, as for working of it, you should allow a couple of days to set, although it wont be fully cured.
So long as no heavy stuff is chucked about on it, it should be ok, this is normally the practice, as the builder isnt going to wait for it to fully cure, when he can carry on with the build.
I would imagine there will be a floor screed laid over afterwards.


Answered 9th May 2011

It is quite possible that the base can be completed in the time frame given by your builder. Once the concrete has been layed he has completed the task at hand apart from any shuttering that has to be removed or not. Depending on what you are going to do with the base is the time you have to leave it before continuing with your project. Normally three or four days is sufficient to leave it before further activity on it. Note if the weather is extremly hot after the base has been completed then a small application of water sprayed on it would not go amiss this helps to stop surface cracking. Under normal circumstances the concrete would take any where up to 56 days to cure according to what specification were applied to the concrete. Hope this helps
Regards Ken


Answered 9th May 2011

first cure normally 24 hours after pouring concrete.
second cure 10 days
final cure 28 days
also reinforcing gives concrete more strength.


Answered 26th Jun 2011

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