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Tiling onto wooden bathroom floor.

Hi, I keep reading and hearing that I need to lay ply down on my bathroom floor, to give a solid base. However on my floor, it is chipboard boards, not narrow floorboards, so I already have a good base.
Should I still attach marine ply, or just seal the chipboard with PVA sealer?
Laying ply down, does seem like a lot more work. We have had carpet down for years, and never had a rotten floor. If I attach ply, I don't want the floor level to get too high, as I have a wooden bath panel around a corner bath that will need to be reduced in height, and also the tiled floor will be much higher than the adjoining carpeted room.

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You will better to use a backer board such as hardi or aqua panel this comes in different thickness and 6mm will be fine just glue and screw I would not advise laying direct to chipboard and if you use ply you do need to prime but do not use pva use and primer called sbr you do not have to prime the backer board( 6mm backer board is the same strength as 18mm ply )


Answered 12th Jan 2013

I agree 100 per cent with the last tradesmans advice never lay tiles directly onto chipboard this is a big no no it is quite prone to movement so a hardy backer or aqua board it guarantees the job even ply wood in some cases should not be used most adhesive company's will not guarantee this??? Do it right save you ripping it up when it goes wrong for cutting corners.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

you can tile directly onto the floor without ply providing you have no nacks in the floor use a good solid based floor adhesive. as for priming no need to prime though ive tiled directly onto these for years and never had no complaints good luck


Answered 12th Jan 2013

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