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I have paid £45 for a plumber to replace the waste pipe on a roll top bath on Saturday. On Sunday I noticed the pipe still leaked and contacted him. He came back on Wednesday to sort out the leak and fitted what he called a 'mechanical' fitting. That night when I used the bath it was still leaking. Am I being unreasonable in expecting the plumber to come back to resolve this at no extra cost. I have also been unable to contact the plumber as he does not answer the phone when I call him and does not reply to my text messages. I feel he is avoiding me.

Thank you Roc Builders and Mario the Plumber for your replies.

Thanks PJB.

Midlands Home Improvement...I had 3 quotes all for £45....If he cant afford to keep coming back then he should have done the job right first be honest I would rather have paid £200 and had the job done correctly even though it was only to fit a piece of plastic that cost under £6 and the plumber only lives down the road from me.

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Hi Shelley, yes you should insist the plumber to return until he has resolved the job he has been paid for, that's what I would do. Good luck MarioThePlumberfromHorning.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

No it would not be unreasonable to expect him to come back and sort out the leak.Personally though I would think myself lucky to have only paid him £45 as he is clearly a t*ss*r.You could have employed him for a job worth thousands!! Do yourself a favour and find someone else to sort it.It wont cost much and will be worth every penny to NOT have this bloke back in your home.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

i would be happy to fix this for free. I am used to sorting out so-called plumbers work, when they cannot be bothered to check their work. After fixing the issues i always get good recommendations.


Answered 12th Jan 2013

For £45 you cannot expect anything better. If you calculate how much he will pay to mybuilder for lead, then petrol his time...these prices are funny and they are not sustainable for serious tradesman...and you expecting him to come over and over again. He just can't afford it...


Answered 12th Jan 2013

£45 is reasonable and it should have been tested prior to leaving site.


Answered 19th Sep 2013

Paid to do the job so should come back until the job is a 100%, should of tested before leaving


Answered 9th Aug 2018

Most plumbers will guarantee the work .. so get him back. It's not a massive job so should be sorted pretty quick


Answered 27th Sep 2018

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